Organs by date - 1950 - 1931

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1 Symphony Hall Boston, Massachusetts, USA Aeolian-Skinner / Foley-Baker 1950 IV/80 Info
2 Cathedral Church of St. Paul Boston, Massachusetts, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1950 III/97
3 Marsh Chapel, Boston University Boston, Massachusetts, USA Casavant 1950 III/85 Info
4 Crouse Auditorium, Syracuse University Syracuse, New York, USA Holtkamp 1950 III/73 Info
5 St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Richmond, Virginia, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1950 IV/75 Info
6 Royal Festival Hall London, England Harrison and Harrison 1950 IV/124 Info
7 St. Louis Cathedral Basilica St. Louis, Missouri, USA Kilgen / Wicks 1949 IV/121 Info
8 St. Louis Cathedral St. Louis, Missouri, USA Kilgen / Moller 1949 IV/98 Info
9 First Presbyterian Church Kilgore, Texas, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1949 III/60
10 Victoria Hall Geneva, Switzerland Ziegler 1949 III/82 Info
11 Cathedral of Messina Messina, Italy Tamburini 1949 V/220 Info
12 St. John's Episcopal Church Memphis, Tennessee, USA Moller 1949 III/7 Info
13 Johanneskirche Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Weigle 1948 III/89 Info
14 St. Luke's Episcopal Church Dixon, Illinois, USA Howell 1948 IV/102
15 Chapel of the College of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière La Pocatière, Québec, Canada Pels 1948 II/3 Info
16 Mormon Tabernacle Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Aeolian-Skinner / Schoenstein 1947 V/206 Info
17 Methuen Music Hall Methuen, Massachusetts, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1947 IV/112 Info
18 St. Mary's Church Little Houghton, England Hill / Latham 1946 II/13 Info
19 Christ Episcopal New Haven, Connecticut, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1945 I/47 Info
20 Jaegersborg Church Copenhagen, Denmark Marcussen and Son 1944 III/25 Info
21 First Christian Church Columbus, Indiana, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1942 IV/81 Info
22 Church of St. Roch Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Casavant 1942 IV/85 Info
23 Church of Sorø Cloister Sorø, Denmark Marcussen and Son 1942 III/48
24 John Hays Hammond Castle Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1941 IV/120 Info
25 Church of the Holy Rude Stirling, Scotland Rushworth and Dreaper 1940 IV/74 Info
26 Romainmôtier Organ Institute Romainmôtier, Vaud, Switzerland Alain / Saint-Martin 1940 IV/48 Info
27 Cathedral of St. Peter Schio, Italy Mascioni 1940 II/60 Info
28 First Baptist Church Niagara Falls, New York, USA Hill / Flood 1939 III/42 Info
29 St. John's Cathedral Denver, Colorado, USA Kimball 1938 IV/96 Info
30 St. Paul's Chapel, Columbia University New York City, New York, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1938 IV/91 Info
31 Congregational Church Newcastle-under-Lyme, England Rushworth and Dreaper 1938 III/33 Info
32 Cathedrale Notre-Dame Reims, France Gonzalez 1938 IV/105 Info
33 St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA Skinner / Reuter 1938 IV/87 Info
34 St. John's Lutheran Church Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA EM Skinner / Reuter 1938 IV/87 Info
35 St. Mary's Cathedral Peoria, Illinois, USA Wicks 1937 III/57 Info
36 Westminster Abbey London, England Harrison and Harrison 1937 IV/84 Info
37 Holy Trinity Church Kingston upon Hull, England Forster and Andrews / Compton 1937 IV/104 Info
38 Church of the Advent Boston, Massachusetts, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1936 III/77 Info
39 Martin Luther Church Porto Alegre, Brazil Rieger 1936 II/27 Info
40 St. Mary's Minster Reading, England Henry Willis and Sons 1936 IV/52 Info
41 Northrup Auditorium, University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1935 IV/109
42 St. John's Chapel, Groton School Groton, Massachusetts, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1935 III/87 Info
43 St. Leonard's Church Hythe, England Harrison and Harrison / Browne 1935 III/43 Info
44 Basilique-Cathedrale Sainte-Cecile Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada Casavant / Guilbault-Therien 1935 III/60
45 Westminster Choir College Bristol Chapel Princeton, New Jersey, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1935 III/50 Info
46 Cathedral of the Assumption Savona, Italy Mascioni 1935 III/73 Info
47 Trinity Episcopal New Haven, Connecticut, USA Aeolian-Skinner / Thompson-Allen 1935 III/79 Info
48 Grace Cathedral San Francisco, California, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1934 V/125 Info
49 University of Cambridge, King's College Chapel Cambridge, England Harrison and Harrison 1934 IV/75 Info
50 Our Lady of Refuge Church New York, New York, USA Kilgen 1934 III/34 Info
51 War Memorial Auditorium Worcester, Massachusetts, USA Kimball 1933 IV/107 Info
52 St. Justin's Church Hartford, Connecticut, USA Kilgen 1933 III/68 Info
53 Hildegardskirche St. Ingbert, Saarland, Germany Späth 1933 IV/73 Info
54 W. K. Kellogg Auditorium Battle Creek, Michigan, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1933 IV/72 Info
55 Eglise de la Visitation Montreal, Quebec, Canada Wolff 1933 II/28 Info
56 Royal Hospital School Chapel Holbrook, England Hill, Norman and Beard 1933 IV/59 Info
57 Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA Midmer-Losh 1932 VII/455 Info
58 All Saints Episcopal Church Worcester, Massachusetts, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1932 IV/125 Info
59 Duke Chapel, Duke University Durham, North Carolina, USA Aeolian 1932 IV/91 Info
60 Westminster Cathedral London, England Willis 1932 IV/75 Info
61 St. Mary the Virgin New York City, New York, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1932 IV/93 Info
62 Zion Lutheran Detroit, Michigan, USA Vottler-Holtkamp-Sparling 1932 III/32 Info
63 Cathedral of Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Toledo, Ohio, USA EM Skinner 1931 IV/76 Info
64 Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA Steinmeyer 1931 IV/85 Info
65 Girard College Chapel Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1931 IV/106 Info
66 Marquand Chapel, Yale University New Haven, Connecticut, USA Aeolian-Skinner 1931 III/25 Info
67 Atlantic City Convention Hall Ballroom Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA Kimball 1931 IV/55 Info
68 Downside Abbey Downside, England Compton 1931 IV/142 Info
69 Protestant Church Gunsbach, France Haerpfer 1931 II/26 Info
70 Paul F. Sharp Concert Hall, University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma, USA Moller 1931 III/14 Info
71 Church of St. Frederick Drummondville, Quebec, Canada Casavant 1931 IV/62 Info
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