Frequently Asked Questions

Below are listed some frequently asked questions by listeners of Organlive. If you have a question that isn't on this list, or please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Is there any cost to listen to Organlive?
There is no cost to listen to Organlive.
Do I need a user account to listen to Organlive?
No, you only need to create a user account if you want to rate tracks and albums, or leave or respond to comments on tracks or albums.
Why doesn't the player window open automatically when I click to listen?
Clicking a play link opens a playlist file. You may need to manually click the downloaded file to start your player.
Why isn't the player window displaying the track I'm hearing?
Our server updates the streaming server with new track information when the track begins playing. Due to the buffering time between our server and the streaming server, and then that server and your computer, there is a lag between when the track starts playing and when you hear the music. Sometimes this lag can be a minute or more, causing the player window to display the incorrect track for some time. Additionally, the titles often contain UTF-8 characters that often don't get transmitted to your player correctly. To see a list of what just played you can always visit our Recently Played list to get more information. You can also open a copy of the now playing window on your desktop to get updated information.
How can I tune into Organlive on my Internet Radio, such as a Pinnacle Soundbridge or Logitech Squeezebox?
We can proivide the information to you directly. Please use our contact page to request the information.
How can I listen on my mobile device?
Organlive provides direct support for Android and Apple mobile devices. You can find links to our apps on our Mobile Device page.
How is the album and artist information displayed?
In the player window, the track should ideally be displayed as:
Organist - COMPOSER: Work [mm:ss] - Album Name
We only have a limited amount of space to display such information. For more details about a track played on Organlive, open our Now Playing page, or click the link on that same page to open the standalone Now Playing pop-up.
How long will it take to play my requests?
We are forbidden by laws put in place by the Copyright Royalty Board of the United States Library of Congress from revealing information about our future playlist, and this includes announcing when requests will play. Reasons that requests are delayed substantially include that another track by the same artist or album has played recently, or that many requests have been made and are waiting to be played.
Why is Coming Up information so vague?
We are forbidden by laws put in place by the Copyright Royalty Board of the United States Library of Congress from displaying information about our future playlist, and this includes specific information about the next few tracks coming up.
I made a request, why didn't I hear it?
First, you must be tuned in to the Organlive broadcast to hear your requested track. Sometimes the server is unable to honor requests because a track has been played too frequently, or an artist has been played too many times, or the same artist or album has played too recently. Rules that regulate online broadcasting prevent playing requests immediately after they are received. The server will hold your request and play it once the proper amount of time has passed. If you request multiple tracks from the same album, or recorded by the same artist, you may hear the first request played, but it will take a very long time to get to the remaining ones. To ensure you hear the tracks you request, try to pick requests from different albums or by different organists. Also, if we feel that certain tracks are being requested repeatidly, then these tracks may not be played for some time.
Why do some of the tracks in the library say Currently Unavailable?
A track will be Currently Unavailable immediately for sometime after it has played. The time varies, newer additions to our library generally will be unavailable for 3-6 hours, but most tracks in our library are unavailable for 48 hours after they play. The reason for this is to maintain variety in our playlist, and to prevent abuse of our request system.
Can you find and play a particular recording?
We can try. We've had success finding all requests with the exception of just a few. Send your suggestions and requests to us through our Contact Form.
How can I get my recordings played on Organlive?
If you have recordings of your own that you would like us to broadcast, information can be found on our Music Submission page.
Can I be a host on Organlive?
Yes, we're looking for groups or individuals who would like to put together shows or feature broadcasts. These can be produced on your own and sent in to us, or we can help you produce them. We also now have the capability to let you broadcast from your location directly to Organlive. Contact us via our Contact Form with your ideas.
Are the artists on Organlive paid royalties?
The artists who have compositions performed on Organlive receive royalties through BMI, ASCAP, or SESAC. We also report all tracks played to which collects royalties for recording artists.
Does Organlive play Theatre organ music?
While sometimes it's a fine line between the two, Organlive focuses on music of the classical organ. For true traditional Theatre Organ music on the Internet, we recommend ATOS Radio.
Why can't I rate a track after I've logged in?
You may only rate tracks that are currently playing or have played in the last 60 minutes.
Can I buy Advertising time on Organlive?
Yes, you can. Please email for a rate card.
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