The Great Organ of St Eustache

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Dorian DOR-90134


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By: gemshorn on Dec, 22 2012

A brilliant album: a beautiful organ, a magnificent organist, and a perfect recording!


St. Eustache
Paris, France - map
van den Heuvel 1988 V/147
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JS Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor (BWV 565) View sheetmusic
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8:25 track Rating:
By: bienchen on Oct, 25 2015

not worth a hearing. Impossible!

By: stlorganist on Apr, 28 2016

Rushed a bit between the Toccata and the Fugue but otherwise a wonderful performance by a master.

By: Miandra on Oct, 07 2018

A master??? A joke! Not worth a hearing, nothing to do with a real Bach Interpretation. A worse of time nothing else

By: Howie on Jul, 19 2020

You folks are so full of yourselves - just because it doesn't suit your own musical tastes or preferences doesn't mean it isn't good - Guillou is a master and we should all be a little more open to other viewpoints and interpretations. I'll bet Bach would have appreciated it!

By: Miandra on Jul, 19 2020

What? Bach would have been shocked if he had heard such a rape and distortion of his music

Nicolas de Grigny RĂ©cit de tierce en taille View sheetmusic
6:10 track Rating:
By: Brian on Feb, 27 2013


WA Mozart Fantasia in F minor (K 608) View sheetmusic
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9:57 track Rating:
By: Jaqbiec on Jun, 01 2012


By: Tromba on Sep, 01 2017

Way too fast. Details lost in the noisy sauce.

By: Donek on Feb, 24 2018

I agree, Way too fast. Misses all the cords.

Jean Guillou Hyperion or The Rhetoric of Fire - I. Hermes Purchase sheetmusic 4:25 track Rating:
Hyperion or The Rhetoric of Fire - II. The Fires Of Silence Purchase sheetmusic 4:54 track Rating:
By: Bachtehude on Aug, 29 2016

A bit more silence would be better - the fire's burning my ears

By: Piccolo on Oct, 06 2016

An awkwardness and impertinence. Not worth a hearing! Terrible ...

Hyperion or The Rhetoric of Fire - III. The Inflamed Soul and IV. AGNI-IGNIS Purchase sheetmusic 16:10 track Rating:
By: vause on Dec, 15 2011

Ugh. Waste of air time.

By: churchmouse on Feb, 23 2012


By: stlorganist on Jun, 19 2014

not exactly my cup of tea BUT I will say it at least has some redeeming musical value. unlike some of the modern music playing today. What an instrument.

By: jfk1961 on Jun, 26 2012

I'm going with "waste of air time!"

By: Filea on Oct, 22 2012

Excellent. "Full exploitation of all the resources of a giant pipe organ by an authentic genius". Sorry Bourdon 8 for copying, but these are my real thoughts too.

By: gemshorn on Dec, 22 2012

Not everyone's cup of tee, I can understand. But listen what fantastic sounds can be done with an organ! Not the usual music... A piece written for this instrument by the one who designed the instrument (and played by him)!

By: vause on Jun, 19 2014

I think the word "soul" is mis-spelled in the title; that would explain the agony of the sound. Where is the value in hearing this? The organ can be great appreciated when sonic and melodic - just hearing the sounds it makes without a context of meaning simply detracts from the instrument and drives people from wanting to support this instrument - something against which we need to guard ourselves.

By: TrichterRegal on Jan, 11 2016

Well said Vause!

By: Tromba on Jan, 11 2016

Cats.....fighting on the keyboards. I'm with Vause.

By: Tromba on Sep, 12 2016

Something is definitely inflamed...

By: Miandra on Apr, 22 2019

A shame. Waste if time.

By: Miandra on Jun, 28 2020

Trash such a mess and shitstorm. A shame for 'organlive' to broadcast such a nonsense

By: Miandra on Oct, 29 2020

An absolute mess

By: Miandra on Oct, 29 2020

An absolute mess

Charles-Marie Widor Symphony no. 5 in F Minor, op. 42 no. 1 - I. Allegro Vivace View sheetmusic
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10:37 track Rating:
By: enchamade on Jan, 24 2012

My favorite performance of this masterpiece.It's like a roller-coaster.

By: TrichterRegal on Oct, 21 2021

Roller coaster ride? More like The Wreck of the Hesperus. The extremely fast tempos, and the lack of good taste make this recording unlistenable.

Franz Liszt Prelude and Fugue On B-A-C-H (S 260) View sheetmusic
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13:34 track Rating:
By: Brian on Oct, 01 2013

Ye gods, he really lets rip with this, doesn't he?! What an absolutely *amazing* performance.

By: MusicDonor2014 on Aug, 19 2015

The most wreckless performance of this work I have ever witnessed.

By: Tromba on Sep, 28 2017

Would be awesome to hear this organ live.

By: pbjames on Apr, 30 2018

(W)reckless or not, that's quite a sound, with one of the best in the business at the helm. It just blew me away

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