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Telarc 80711


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Trinity Wall Street
New York City, New York, USA - map
Marshall and Ogletree 2003 III/0
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Frederic Chopin Etude, op. 10 no. 12 in C minor - The Revolutionary 3:04 track Rating:
JS Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (BWV 565) View sheetmusic
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8:49 track Rating:
By: stoneba7 on Nov, 23 2010

This deserves zero stars.

By: ragbin on Mar, 20 2011

His fresh apoproach appeals to some Organilve listeners. Watch the ratings on this track!

By: majesticpipes on May, 16 2011

A little too far off the chart for me.

By: jayh on Jun, 03 2011

Certainly a different take, definitely fresh. Back in the day (when anything not "authentic" was a mortal sin) I would have snubbed my nose at this. Now, I enjoy it for what it is...and I do enjoy it. Fox wanted to bring Bach to a new audience. maybe

By: Digital Chimes on Jun, 19 2014

my only complaint is the lowest notes sound like crap on this virtual organ and i'm not shocked because i know for a fact that the instrument can only play cleanly down to about 23hz. the lowest note on a 32' stop resonate at 16hz so all the lowest notes on this organ sound horrible like i'm listening to some cheap computer subwoofer flapping around and distorting. trinity could fix this but it would take a little time and money to do it right the rest of the organ from 30hz on up sounds pretty good oh and Cameron is a genius !!!!!!!!!!

By: rockyspanks on Jun, 19 2014

this is actually more fun to watch. it's on youtube. watch cameron's hands. he's just amazing. a true virtuoso. go to youtube and search: "Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565, Cameron Carpenter" that's the exact title of the video. if you love cameron, this is a must see video

By: nigh on Nov, 25 2011

The lowest pedal notes are produced by a variable pitch fan (thanks to aerospace people) which usually requires building modifications in addition.

By: Brian on Jan, 02 2012

Silly. Just plain silly. All it needs now is a drum track and a troupe of clowns. Utterly without merit.

By: jfk1961 on Jan, 30 2012

If most OrganLive listeners dislike these tracks... who keeps requesting them? Not me for one!

By: Pol Àlvarez on Jun, 26 2012

It is an illogical mixture of the baroque and the contemporary music. It destroys Bach's expressivity.

By: MikeDC on Jan, 09 2013


By: rohrwerk on Oct, 31 2013

He is what he is and that's all that he is.

Duke Ellington Solitude 6:09 track Rating:
Jeanne Demessieux Octaves, from Six Etudes, op. 5 Purchase sheetmusic 3:44 track Rating:
By: stlorganist on Jun, 19 2014

Such raw talent coupled with agility and dexterity! wish there was another recording or two in the library!

By: Miandra on Aug, 22 2020

Without spirit

Franz Liszt Mephisto Waltz No. 1 (The Dance in the Village Inn) 12:19 track Rating:
By: enchamade on Feb, 27 2012

I'm going to comment on the artist's performance,composition,and organ separately. The artist is a virtuoso,Liszt,a genius. The organ is the failing in the whole picture,though. It just sounds wrong to me.

Cameron Carpenter Love Song No. 1 5:50 track Rating:
By: MusicDonor2014 on May, 25 2015

Dexterity to spare! Cameron, you've done your homework as few others have. I don't hear a "love song" here, but you're the composer; you may name your songs/pieces as you well please. It seems to me to be the opening piece to a new musical.

By: Tromba on Aug, 24 2016

Wandering ramblings...

Marcel Dupré Prelude and Fugue in B major, op. 7 no.1 View sheetmusic
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6:36 track Rating:
By: rohrwerk on Oct, 29 2010

Ghastly ensemble sounds and much sloppier than I expected

By: ljwalker on Nov, 07 2011

I just don't see the creativity that Mr. Carpenter has shown in other interpretations.

By: Tromba on Aug, 10 2017

Not fond of the interpretation. A bit too "physical" and rushed. Gotta admire his capability however. Organ sounds pretty good for a digie.

Frederic Chopin Etude in C major, op. 10 no. 1 2:38 track Rating:
By: maine on Aug, 09 2012

sorry, only a stunt, without any artistically insights - so, where is the sense??

JS Bach Nun komm, der heiden Heiland (BWV 659) View sheetmusic
Purchase sheetmusic
4:24 track Rating:
By: Brian on Feb, 22 2012

Well I'm shocked - and very pleased to hear that he can actually do it. It's very nice to discover a real and thoughtful musician underneath the layers of showy glitter.

By: chimes on Jun, 19 2014

this was done at Trinity on the M & O digital organ. people say it doesn't sound like a real pipe organ but it does sound like one to me especially on this piece it really depends on which stops are being used. Cameron really shows what this organ can do in this piece as far as it's tonality by the way this sounds even better off the CD over a high-quality sound system

Georges Bizet Variations on a theme from Carmen 4:43 track Rating:
By: Brian on Jan, 25 2012

Awful. What a ridiculous mess. Chucking in a few quotes doesn't make it any more clever, either. Oh Cameron - so, SO much talent - but when will you get some taste?

By: Jaqbiec on Feb, 02 2012

It is impossible...

By: stlorganist on Aug, 20 2012

INTERPRETATION... is that a concept some individuals out here do not get? I fully believe that expecting music to be played the same way over and over and over shows a serious lack of real talent. I'll say it again music is about putting your SELF into it, adding your interpretation... geesh some people are just never happy.

By: annabelle190 on Dec, 28 2012

one of my favorite pasttimes is to find the music that the snobs abhor and then request it over and over and over - yes, a few of the tracks in the library are "altrocious" but the access to so many kinds of music and interpretations is just remarkable - why can't we appreciate the artistry for what it is and get off our high horses?

By: Brian on Jun, 19 2014

I don't think it would be snobbish to refer to the over-painting of the Mona Lisa in fluorescent colours and being given a beard and glasses as "tasteless". It's still "an interpretation", but I doubt many would applaud it as demonstrating thoughtful care, craftsmanship and skill. Thus it is with music.

By: Brian on Jan, 09 2013

Obviously the analogy is imperfect. I'm referring to an interpretation of the author's work so extreme, so off-the-wall as to be crass and debasing. Substitute a copy of the Mona Lisa if it helps, defaced as described, being offered as a unique and skilled interpretation. It's still tasteless and without merit.

By: Brian on Jan, 09 2013

LOL, how silly. And removing your comment I answered? Personally I just listen to something else for a while but you use music as a weapon? Really now... Anyway, this will go round in circles until it's moderated out so I tip my hat and say farewell.

By: annabelle190 on Jan, 09 2013

it is just so much fun to torment the purists - this piece makes me chuckle for so many reasons - i can see the smiles on cameron's face as he plays it and the grimaces on the faces of those who think it is just such blasphemy - at least we have people talking and listenership is up - how can there be only an average of 100 people listening worldwide though?

Cameron Carpenter Homage to Klaus Kinski 6:16 track Rating:
By: Brian on Jun, 19 2014

What *was* he thinking? Awful!

By: efkeebler on Apr, 15 2012

I saw Cameron Carpenter perform a concert on the newly-restored Aeolian organ at Longwood Gardens. While most of the pieces were played from memory, his own composition was not, and he made a comment to the audience about not being able to remember his own music. This CD track gives the same impression of his compositions - filled with much color and gusto, yet lacking in compositional coherence and ultimately not memorable.

By: chimes on Jun, 21 2013

he was probably thinking, what can i do to piss off Brian over at organlive

By: jfk1961 on Oct, 30 2013

I'm thinking there are these Cameron Carpenter fanatics that ONLY request CC's 18 tracks over and over again. I would think that they would purchase the two CD's heard on this site, place them in their CD players and play them 24/7. Because that's what they really want! CC 24/7! But for some reason, they have this morbid insistence on requesting these 18 tracks repeatedly, to mostly the great displeasure of the majority of OrganLive listeners. Extremely sad.

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