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Telarc TEL-31980-00


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By: fugara4 on Jun, 03 2016

Not worth a hearing


St. Mary the Virgin
New York City, New York, USA - map
Aeolian-Skinner 1932 IV/93
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JS Bach Toccata in F(-sharp) major (BWV 540) View sheetmusic
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7:44 track Rating:
By: mrorgan on Sep, 17 2010

This performance reminds of a Virgil Fox recording I just listened to last night on an LP of his! Full of fire, albeit not in the baroque style.

By: majesticpipes on Jun, 19 2014

New life has been breathed into this often pedantically played work-all for the sake of authenticity...

By: Digital Chimes on Apr, 21 2011

Awesome, just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: churchmouse on May, 27 2011

OK, OK Cameron, YOU WIN! I just can't resist this one!

By: chimes on Jun, 08 2011

God has finally touched Cameron's hands and his soul

By: stoneba7 on Jun, 24 2011

Flaunting virtuosity is a fair trade for musicality, sensitivity of articulation, depth of interpretation, and respect for historical integrity? I think not!

By: vd54k on Jun, 28 2011

Sounds like someone is very jealous and bitter.

By: churchmouse on Oct, 21 2011

This is now my favorite performance of this work!

By: Brian on Nov, 02 2011

I think I prefer Bach's version.

By: rockyspanks on Nov, 29 2011

This is the best pipe organ recording ever! Bach would be applauding this performance!

By: Jaqbiec on Jun, 19 2014

Where is Bach?

By: comcastdvr on Feb, 20 2012

Where is Bach? He's in heaven applauding and saying "someone finally gets it"

By: Brian on Feb, 24 2012

I suspect he's more likely turning in his grave, to be honest... It takes more than virtuosity, which CC clearly has in spades, to "get" BWV 540.

By: Todd on Apr, 17 2012

What would be the point in playing this or any piece the same exact way every single time over and over for hundreds of years. I think even Bach would get bored. Cameron made this piece sound BETTER than the original. Some of you should turn the radio off and go listen to your favorite records over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. I don't know what you're searching for here when obviously you only want to hear these pieces played one certain way which is absurd if you ask me.

By: stlorganist on Jul, 13 2012

point made Todd. I will say again some of the detractors (previous curmudgeon) who consistantly post what they "believe" to be perfect playing should make a recording of their own and place it out here for all to hear. The whole meaning of music is interpretation and improvisation. otherwise music would become mundane and boring.

By: wheelman on Feb, 14 2013

I agree with stlorganist after listening today.A fine performance.

By: chang on May, 08 2013

Is this really Cameron playing?

By: TrichterRegal on Jun, 10 2015


By: bienchen on Oct, 11 2015

Trash to!!! Nothing to do with a real "classical" Bach at all!

By: Miandra on Aug, 17 2018

Trash it!!! Nothing to do with BACH and Bach-Interpretation. So, not worth a hearing.

By: mrorgan on Sep, 24 2018

8 years later, my comment still stands! :)

By: Miandra on Sep, 24 2018

Nothing to do with the greatness of Virgil Fox

By: mrorgan on Sep, 24 2018

Miandra. That is true too! ;)

Prelude and Fugue in B Minor (BWV 544) View sheetmusic
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11:05 track Rating:
Prelude and Fugue in E minor (BWV 548) View sheetmusic
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11:44 track Rating:
By: churchmouse on Nov, 30 2011

This is my favorite Bach fugue. This is coming to be my favorite performance of it!

By: MusicDonor2014 on Sep, 23 2015

I wish we could have the same piece played more than once a day on OrganLive. Many times when I tune in and hear the tail end of a piece - or see that a certain piece has played, it makes me sad to wonder how many days will have to pass before I get a chance to hear it.

By: fugara4 on Jun, 03 2016

Stop! It nothing has to do with serious and traditional Organ-Playing nor with the way of Bach-Interpretation!

Prelude and Fugue in A minor (BWV 543) View sheetmusic
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8:16 track Rating:
By: enchamade on Jan, 27 2012

Yes,Cameron's is one of my favorite performances of this masterpiece. He has the technical ability and in this performance,the sensibility to make it shine!

By: chimes on Jan, 06 2013

Such a joy to hear Cameron on the Aeolian-Skinner at St. Mary the Virgin in NYC

By: Miandra on Mar, 23 2018

Not worth a hearing. Nothing to do with ' Bach-Interpretation'

By: Miandra on Oct, 12 2018

A stunt, nothing more. Stop it!

Prelude and Fugue in D major (BWV 532) View sheetmusic
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9:54 track Rating:
By: bill steward on May, 14 2011

slow down, you will live longer. fast is not always best.

By: churchmouse on May, 27 2011

At least he didn't play the fugue any faster than MOST organists. He brought out all of the subject notes so that they could be heard, which most organists don't do.

By: Brian on Jan, 18 2012

Based on an organ piece by Bach, I believe, buried underneath a tasteless morass of glitz and flashiness. Cheap and tawdry gimmickry.

By: enchamade on Jan, 18 2012

Can't say I like the registration and much else in this performance, however the tempo I'd rather hear too fast than too slow.

By: stlorganist on Jun, 19 2014

I question commentators who consistantly lambast performers... and their interrpretations of music. If they are so critical do your own CD and show everyone how it's supposed to be done. otherwise it sounds like nothing more than pety jeolousy buried under cheap and tawdry glitzy words.

By: annabelle190 on Jan, 16 2013

to stlorganist - i couldn't it better myself have said - bravo

By: bienchen on Sep, 18 2015

Without any discussion: THIS nothing has to do with the interpretation and style of BACH. Carpenter a bubble, a stunt, not more. No way ...

By: Miandra on Mar, 23 2018

Not worthing a hearing; stupidly played ...

By: Miandra on Jun, 01 2018

An awkwardness! Stopp this guy!

Prelude and Fugue in G major (BWV 541) with Improvised Cadenza View sheetmusic
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9:59 track Rating:
By: toap on Feb, 04 2011

How to embed baroque music into a contemporary frame of music. Brilliant!

By: Formentelli on May, 07 2011

Yes, it's brilliant.

By: jayh on Jun, 07 2011

Yikes! I guess I'm hooked.

By: Brian on Jun, 19 2014

This is a joke, right? Since when has an incredible virtuosity taken the place of musical integrity - or taste? Yes yes - it's very, very clever and all that but it's still Bach spectacularly slaughtered in the style of a Road Runner cartoon.

By: churchmouse on Nov, 29 2011

I didn't like Mr. Carpenter's style for a long time, but it's starting to grow on me!

By: jsb1685 on Jan, 04 2012

Agree with Brian. A travesty.

By: Hebdomadarius on Apr, 24 2012

Too many reeds and too fast for the amount of reverb--either Mr. Carpenter needs to slow down, or the engineer needs to be spoken to severely. Clarity is the essence of good Bach

By: ragbin on Jul, 14 2012

Not Bach as we know it, but lovely just the same

By: bill steward on Sep, 15 2012

this is an happy performance, i wish i could play it this way.

By: jfk1961 on Jun, 17 2013

Well... it's over to Positively Baroque. I'll be back in 9 minutes and 59 seconds. Too bad one star is the lowest rating you can give. There should be negative stars for acts against God and Nature!

Cameron Carpenter Serenade and Fugue on B.A.C.H. 7:46 track Rating:
By: majesticpipes on Apr, 21 2011


By: Brian on Mar, 19 2012

Stunning, just stunning - and how totally different to the over-the-top massacre of Bach we hear elsewhere. I think Cameron should concentrate on modern works since that's clearly more where his dynamic and virtuoso style of playing lies.

By: jfk1961 on Feb, 27 2013

Wow! One of the greatest organists has passed away & people still request this garbage!

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