Todd Gresick at St Ita

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By: Brian on Feb, 24 2012

This is worth it for the Widor alone - but the rest is very good too!

By: mibach on Aug, 24 2012

I dont know what to think abour Widor. I prefer Bach so much

By: enchamade on Sep, 09 2012

Best Wicks I've ever heard!


St. Ita Catholic Church
Chicago, Illinois, USA - map
Wicks/Howells 1951 IV/68
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Alfred Hollins A Trumpet Minuet View sheetmusic
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3:46 track Rating:
By: mrorgan on May, 05 2017

Definitely on the brisk side, but quite enjoyable. Love the echo effect at the end!! Different stop or enclosed tuba?

Peter D Mathews Intermezzo for Violin and Organ
Daniel Lagacy, violin
Purchase sheetmusic 4:19 track Rating:
Marcel Lanquetuit Toccata in D major Purchase sheetmusic 5:45 track Rating:
By: Brian on Jan, 04 2012


By: enchamade on Apr, 18 2012

This Toccata was virtually unknown for many years but it's now becoming popular amongst listeners and organists who have heard it. It's a shame Lanquetuit did not write more for the organ.

By: vause on Jul, 16 2014

This piece really restores my sanity.

By: jmm69 on Mar, 27 2020

I, first. heard it in the mid 1950s played by Ted Marier of Saint Paul's Choir School when he played it on the 3 manual Casavant Freres organ at Saint Mary's in Cambridge. It was a year when we had recitals by George Faxon, Max Miller, Dowell McNeil, Honora Klarmann, and Berj Zamkocian. We were fortunate to have a Pastor [Rt. Rev E. Joseph Burke] a graduate of the Boston Conservatory. The Choir was the premiere choir of the Archdiocese of Boston under the direction of Thomas N. Bunting!

C├ęsar Franck Choral in E major View sheetmusic
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14:38 track Rating:
Sigfrid Karg-Elert Sanctus for Violin and Organ
Daniel Lagacy, Violin
4:07 track Rating:
Charles-Marie Widor Toccata from Symphonie no. 5 View sheetmusic
Purchase sheetmusic
6:22 track Rating:
By: ljwalker on Jun, 02 2011

This seems to be the correct tempo. Great reverberation!

By: Brian on Feb, 24 2012

Excellent - at last someone is playing this at the correct speed - and doesn't it sound *so* much better for it? Fantastic acoustics too.

By: enchamade on Feb, 24 2012

Widor was pleased with the worldwide renown this single piece afforded him, but he was unhappy with how fast many other organists played it. Widor himself always played the Toccata rather deliberately. Many organists play it at a very fast tempo whereas Widor preferred a more controlled articulation to be involved. He recorded the piece, at St. Sulpice in his eighty-ninth year; the tempo used for the Toccata is quite slow.

By: nigh on Apr, 14 2012

'Don't know what Gresick's tempo preference would be, but he wisely did not drown himself in those acoustics. THis tempo suits me just fine.

By: Miandra on Jun, 28 2019

Perfect in tempo/speed and registration.

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