The Sacred to the Sublime

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By: MWAshby on Jan, 28 2013

Weaver's, Iron Mountain was very good! I studied with Bethel Knoche who studied with Powell Weaver. I've heard a recording of her playing this work and Mr. Mervine captures the ebb, flow, and excitement of this unique work.

By: MusicDonor2014 on Mar, 31 2016

Wonderful playing, Mr. Mervine. I totally agree with Mr. Ashby.


Queen of Peace Catholic Church
Aurora, Colorado, USA - map
Allen III/0

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Franz Josef Haydn Missa Brevis, Kleine Orgelmesse - Benedictus View sheetmusic
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4:11 track Rating:
By: Brian on Jun, 19 2014

A slightly unsteady soprano, but still a nice piece.

Craig Courtney Amazing Grace, Barbara F. Mervine, Soloist 4:16 track Rating:
By: ContraBombarde 32 on Jan, 15 2012

Yes. Sublime. I could listen to this woman sing for hours. This might have been more effective if she had been closer to the microphone. Nonetheless, a disarmingly beautiful rendition.

Powell Weaver Copper Country Sketches - Passacaglia, Iron Mountain 8:47 track Rating:
By: Brian on Jan, 11 2012

Rather nice.

By: jfk1961 on Feb, 24 2012

Great passacaglia!

By: vause on Aug, 13 2014

There's something interesting about this piece that always make me stop and listen to it - near the ending, it just gets captivating to my ears. Really enjoy the "Point / Counterpoint" going on with the voices / keyboards. Lovely!!

By: MusicDonor2014 on Jan, 14 2016

Played with great conviction and strength. Thank you for learning, performing and recording this fantastic Passacaglia! It's certainly been one of my very favorites since the late 60's when I first heard it in Independence, MO, performed by BETHEL KNOCHE, first Principal Organist at the RLDS Auditorium, now Community of Christ, but same Church denomination.

Copper Country Sketches - Scherzo, Laughing Water 3:54 track Rating:
Copper Country Sketches - The Lake 7:43 track Rating:
Stuart J Hine How Great Thou Art 3:58 track Rating:
By: jfk1961 on Apr, 08 2016


Francesco Santiago Ave Maria, Barbara F. Mervine, Soloist 4:31 track Rating:
David Hegarty Ave Maria, A Symphonic Suite for Organ 14:52 track Rating:
By: andrewlomas on May, 10 2011

A brilliant piece of music for May!

By: Sulpice on Apr, 15 2012

Fabulous playing and a nice piece. The electronic instrument does not convince, overall, although it has some effective voices.

By: Triduana on May, 22 2012

Shame about the organ. Mostly harmless, but some truly cringe-inducing moments (that tremulant, for example).

By: satanbane on Jun, 19 2014

A dedicatory concert for an electronic organ? And you recorded it and made it into a CD? Wow... I would be interested to hear the same music on a pipe organ, I bet it would sound good.

Charles-Marie Widor Symphony No. 5 - Toccata View sheetmusic
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5:24 track Rating:
By: ljwalker on Jun, 02 2011

The tempo is much too fast.

By: mpemberton5 on Sep, 20 2011

Love this piece. A good rendition and I think the tempo is spot on.

By: jsb1685 on Oct, 17 2011

awful...WAY too fast. Widor's tempo marking is very clear as crotchet=100. People who play it this fast are just showing off and displaying a lack of musicianship and good taste.

By: Brian on Jan, 11 2012

Far, FAR too fast. Every organist wanting to play this should first listen to Widor playing it (recordings exist). Maybe then we might avoid this awful "chugging steam-engine" effect: chuffa-CHUFFA-chuffa-CHUFFA-chuffa...

By: jfk1961 on Mar, 08 2012

The absolute WORST interpretation of this piece is by Virgil Fox. It clocks in at 4:18, which rather makes this version seem slow!

By: stlorganist on Jul, 20 2012

if he missed notes and the parts were unclear I might agree that this is too fast but I could clearly hear all the nuances that should be recognized and the 16th notes are clear and precise... there are some versions out here that are not this fast yet their articulation and clarity is far worse.

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