Organlive Email Newsletter
April 2013

Onward into spring...

Hello again from the Organlive Studios. This month's email is a bit delayed, but it, like Spring, has finally arrived. Spring is a season of renewal, and as we enter into the month in which we raise our budget for the next year, we hope you will want to renew your support for the best source of classical organ music on the Internet.

Each year in April, we ask you, our listeners, to help support what we do here. Our expenses are small compared to many media operations, but we still have bills to pay to keep the broadcast up and running. More information about how you can support Organlive will be further down, but first...

The annual Bach Marathon

In March we held our annual Bach marathon in celebration of the great composer's birthday. The 2013 Marathon was our longest ever, coming in at just over 98 hours. During those hours we played 922 tracks which consisted of 348 different Bach works performed by 272 different organists from 377 albums! Many thanks to those of you that tuned in to hear it, and to those that shared news of the event with your friends.

During the past month we added some new recordings of Bach's music:
We added discs 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Anthony Newman's Complete Collected Organ Works of J.S. Bach featuring some of his favorite recordings of Bach's works. We still have 5 more discs from this collection to add to our library.
Paul Derret has sent us more of his recordings from the UK. The album Bach, Glorious Bach features Preludes and Fugues and Chorales performed on the T.C. Lewis / Harrison and Harrison organ of the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Wilfrid in Ripon, England. We'll be adding more of Paul's recordings in the near future.

Remember, if you really enjoy the organ music of Bach and other composers of early organ music, you can tune in to Positively Baroque to hear only Baroque organ music, 24 hours a day. The music comes from the same recordings as the Organlive library, so we won't mind if you go over there to check it out for a little while.

Then, we added a few other albums as well:
Organo Plano is our third album featuring organist Scott Montgomery. This album is the premiere recording of the new 4-manual 90-rank Reuter organ at Christ United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas.
An unexpected snow day in St. Louis made time to finally add all of the tracks, music and organs on the album Historic Organs of Montreal. One of the Organ Historical Society's collections of recordings of historic organs, this 4-disc set contains many organs, organists, and recordings from churches large and small around the Montréal area. You'll have to visit the album's page and check it out for yourself.
Another multi-disc album, Alain - Complete Organ Works is clearly explained by it's title. This is a new release on the Brilliant Classics label, recorded by Jean-Baptiste Robin on the 1956 Beuchet-Debierre organ in the church of St. Etienne-du-Mont in Paris, the 1894 Annessens / Cattiaux organ at the Église Sainte-Radegonde in Potiers, the 2004 Aubertin organ at the Church of St-Louis-en-l'Ile in Paris, and there's one track recorded on the 1929 E.M. Skinner organ of the Cincinnati Museum in Ohio. We only included a couple of tracks because only a couple actually had organ on them, but the end of the album contains several choral works recorded at the Synagogue de la rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth with Jehan Alain himself at the organ!
Two from Naxos:

Das Buxheimer Orgelbuch, Volumes 1 and 2 both feature Joseph Payne playing works from this historic collection of organ works.
And three more from Pro Organo

Pater Seraphicus

Dominant Accord

Joy to the Heart
If you've sent us an album and are want to know when it will show up, it's hard to say. We have a large backlog of albums to get online, and only a few helping hands to get it done. We will keep working, however. Watch our New Additions page and it's RSS feed to keep up with new albums as they are added.

And that brings us to the main reason for this email

The calendar says it is April, and that means we are nearing the end of our budget year. In the remaining 22 days of this month we're going to try and raise our entire operating budget for the next 12 months. Every year during this month we take some time out to ask our listeners to consider how much Organlive, Positively Baroque, and the other projects of the Organ Media Foundation mean to them. Compared to operating a terrestrial broadcast station, our expenses are very small, but the expenses are there. Our largest monthly expense covers the cost of our two servers that send the music out to you, and the bandwidth required to make sure there anyone who wishes to tune in can do so and receive a clear, signal. Currently we are using around 11 and a half Terabytes of data each month, or more than 385 gigabytes per day, more than 3 times what we were using this time last year! In addition we pay for a server that hosts our website and the large database of information that powers it. Then there are license and royalty fees.

The good news is we started this process quietly last month, sending emails to previous contributors and making note of the challenge on our Facebook page. As a result, a number of you have already contributed and as of the sending of this email, we have already raised 70% of our goal. If you've already contributed, then thank you for stepping foward. If you haven't, then keep reading.

We see more than 20,000 different listeners tuning in from all over the world every month. Unfortunately, we know we can't expect help from all of them, but if even just a fourth of those listeners gave a single dollar, we would be done with fundraising. You don't have to give a lot, our contribution levels start at just $1. How much is a full year of free access to the music of the classical organ worth to you?

This year we have eight suggested sponsorship levels: Double Open - $500, Principal - $250, Octave - $100, Gedeckt - $50, Gamba - $25, Nazard - $10, Piccolo - $5, Sifflote - $1. These are just suggestions, however, you may donate any amount you choose.

In addition, this year we have established automatic monthly payments. If a one-time contribution takes too big a bite from your budget, you can have a donation automatically sent by PayPal each month. Monthly contribution amounts start at $1 and go up to $40.

This year all the contributions are handled via the website of our parent organization, the Organ Media Foundation which makes your contribution tax-deductible.

So how can you help?

To contribute, simply go to our Support page and select a level at which you would like to contribute. You will be taken to a PayPal page where you can check out securely and safely. You can also contribute to the Foundation by check or money order. The information to do that is also on that page.

Become a Supporter of Organlive! Help do your part to keep the music of the organ alive!

March Statistics

We had a busy month in March. Here are the request statistics for March 2013:

Total Requests Played: 923
Most Requested Artists
1.Thomas Heywood64
2.Cameron Carpenter32
3.Kenrick S Mervine26
4.Thomas Dressler23
5.John Scott22
6.Joseph Payne21
7.Scott Montgomery19
8.James Warren18
9.Charles Callahan17
10.Paul Derrett16
Most Requested Titles
1.LISZT: Praludium und Fuge über B-A-C-H9
2.BACH: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (BWV 565)7
3.VISSER: Partita On Crystal7
4.BACH: Passacaglia in C minor (BWV 582)7
5.BACH: Toccata in F(-sharp) Major (BWV 540)7
6.BÖHM: Vater unser im Himmelreich6
7.PAINE: Concert Variations on The Austrian Hymn5
8.REGER: Choral Fantasy on Wie schön leucht' uns der Morgenstern5
9.BACH: Pièce d'Orgue (BWV 572)5
10.ALAIN: Litanies (JA 119)5
Most Requested Albums
1Thomas Dressler Plays The Paul...23
2Sing, ye Heavens18
3Organo Plano - Music For A Joyous...17
5Krazy Bout Kotzschmar!16
6Das Buxheimer Orgelbuch, Vol 115
7Cameron Live!15
8Historic Organs of Montréal14
9Easter On Fifth Avenue14
10Nordic Journey14

Some Recent Comments left by our listeners

Once again we take a look at what some of you have been saying about the tracks and albums in our playlist this month:

  • "Excellent." on Camille Saint-Saëns' Prelude and Fugue number 3 in C major performed by Adrian Partington on on Great European Organs No 31.
  • "One of the best pieces by Lefébure-Wély, good interpretation by the organist." on Lefébure-Wely's Choeur de Voix humaines played by Franz Raml on Orgelkonzert.
  • "Ragtime on a Flentrop?" on Pamela Decker's performance of William Albright's Flights of Fancy Ballet for Organ - Ragtime Lullaby on Flights of Fancy.

The comments are always interesting to read, and they are your way of interacting with other listeners on our site. If you haven't done so, you can register for a free account on, and you can comment on tracks and albums. You can also leave your ratings for each of the tracks we play. These ratings help us shape our playlist each week.

That's all for this update. We hope you will take some time to consider how much Organlive is worth to you, and send along a donation to help us keep the music playing. We really enjoy putting the broadcast together, and knowing that you appreciate it makes the work all that much easier.

Thank you again for all your comments, suggestions, questions, and complaints. We listen to it all and try to respond to it all, although we don't always have time. If you have questions or comments, please contact us through our website or by email. We're always happy to hear from our listeners! is a production of the Organ Media Foundation. You have received this e-mail because this email address was submitted via To unsubscribe, just use this link to to unsubscribe. Our mailing address is Organ Media Foundation, 6622 Michigan Ave, St. Louis, MO 63111. All other e-mail inquiries should be directed to Thank You.