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Take Organlive with you wherever you go. In order to make it easier to listen to Organlive on your mobile devices, download an application for your mobile device that will bring Organlive directly to you. This application provides a direct link to our stream, plus information on the work, album, organist and organ, with links to purchase the album. Our stream currently requires a 192kbps stream, so this application works best with Wi-Fi or a fast 3G connection. The app costs $1.99 (~£1.23, ~€1.52) and all proceeds go to the Organ Media Foundation to support Organlive and future developments such as this application.

Organlive for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Download the Organlive app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Organlive for Android

Download the Organlive app for Android devices. Support of every Android device is not guaranteed, so you may test your hardware with an ad-supported version of the application.
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