Music Donors

Organlive's extensive and expanding library of music has been accumulated through the gifts of our sponsors, and from recordings submitted by our listeners. We extend our thanks to the following music donors for their contributions and support of Organlive:

Nichols & Simpson Organbuilders
Wicks Organ Company
Johnathan Orwig
David McPeak
Reuter Organ Company
Danny Koschinski
Dellamano Music Publishing
Schneider Pipe Organs
Christopher Orf
JAV Recordings
Birolius Editions
Robert Knupp
Dr. David H. Rothe
Kathleen Scheide
J. David Hart
Blair Anderson
Kent Wingerson
Andover Organ Company
John Seboldt
Will Scarborough
William Picher
Christopher Nash
Carrie Bradfield
H. Ronald Hall
Jacques Boucher
Edith Beaulieu
Gregory Ceurvorst
William Little
William B. Fuhrer
Gail Archer
Roger Nyquist
Norman Sutphin
Joshua Perschbacher
Gilles M. Leclerc
Paul Larsen
Carol Williams
Len Rusnak
Martin Setchell
Lois Varga
Paul Derrett
Christo Bresnahan
Markus Wargh
David Starzer
Patrick J. Murphy and Associates Pipe Organ Builders
Nicholas Rusotto
Keith Bigger
Sean Jackson
Lawrence Sumpter
Dorothy Young Reiss
Mary Mozelle
Andrew Shenton
David K. Lamb
Grace Notes Media
Jeanine and Philip Cansler
Charles Horton
Kevin Clarke
Maxine Thevenot
Allen Blodgett
Helge Gramstrup
Louis Lawrence Perazza
Kevin Grose
Anthony Cary Michael Unger
Nigel Potts
Frédéric Champion
Fredric Lissauer
Bruce Ludwick
Todd Gresick
Frederik Magle
Scott A. VanZuiden
Haig Mardirosian
Rachel Laurin
Anne Schneider
Claude Lagacé
Miriam Carpinetti
Kim Heindel
Noel Jones
Sergio Militello
Anthony Newman
Mark Malkasian
Jens Korndorfer
Steve Grant
Christine Gevert
Paul Janiczek
Stephen Tharp
Claude Lemieux
Stephen Z. Cook

If you have music you would like to have played on Organlive, please visit our Music Submission page for more information.

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