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  • Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church Buffalo, New York, USA
    Hutchings / Wurlitzer 1896 IV/56
    Map Specification
  • The Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society Buffalo, New York, USA
    Aeolian / Schlicker 1911 II/19
    Map Specification
  • Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church Buffalo, New York, USA
    Hall and Labagh / Odell 1853 II/14
    Map Specification
  • Our Lady of Pompeii Lancaster, New York, USA
    Moller / Parsons 1920 III/41
    Map Specification
  • Karples Manuscript Museum - North Hall Buffalo, New York, USA
    Moller 1913 IV/36
    Map Specification
  • Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Wolcottsville, New York, USA
    Hinners and Albertsen 1897 I/5
    Map Specification
  • Delaware Avenue Baptist Church Buffalo, New York, USA
    Johnson and Son / Schlicker 1876 III/58
    Map Specification
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