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  • Parish Church of St. Joseph Perosa Argentina, Italy
    Metzler 1937 I/8
    Map Specification
  • Our Lady of Grace Church (Chant d'Oiseaux) Brussels, Belgium
    Kleuker 1981 IV/75
    Map Specification
  • University of Florida Gainesville, Florida, USA
    EM Skinner / Reuter 1924 V/99
    Map Specification
  • Mather Chapel, Trinity College Hartford, Connecticut, USA
    Austin 1971 III/79
    Map Specification
  • Church of San Verano Abbadia Alpina, Italy
    / Marzi 18th c. I/15
    Map Specification
  • Church of St. John the Baptist Luserna San Giovanni, Italy
    Bonati / Marzi 1750 I/10
  • Shoin Women's University Chapel Kobe, Japan
    Marc Garnier 1983 IV/0
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