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  • Käpylä church Helsinki, Finland
    Kangasalan Urkutehdas 1963 II/16
    Map Specification
  • Collegiate Church of Saint Andrea Empoli, Italy
    Ponziano Bevilacqua / Chichi 1968 III/52
    Map Specification
  • First Presbyterian Church Battle Creek, Michigan, USA
    EM Skinner / Dobson 1928 III/61
    Map Specification
  • Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta Candide, Italy
    Callido / Piccinelli 1797 II/30
  • Parish Church of San Floriano Pieve di Zoldo, Italy
    Callido and Sons / Zanin 1812 I/16
    Map Specification
  • Parish Church of Santi Pietro e Paolo Vallio Terme, Italy
    Angelo Bonatti / Colzani 1760 I/16
    Map Specification
  • Church of San Rocco Venice, Italy
    Pietro Nacchini / Zanin 1743 I/11
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