Organs by builder - Allen

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Institution Location Builder Year Size Click for Information
1 Allen Quantum , USA Allen III/80 Info
2 Basilica Mission of Dolores San Francisco, California, USA Allen IV/? Info
3 Church of the Blessed Sacrament Denver, Colorado, USA Allen III/58
4 First Christian Church Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Allen 1987 III/80 Info
5 John Paul II Center, Christ the King Chapel Denver, Colorado, USA Allen III/56
6 La Grave Avenue Christian Reformed Church Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA Austin / Allen 1996 V/108 Info
7 Organ Loaned to New York Philharmonic New York City, New York, USA Allen II/10
8 Queen of Peace Catholic Church Aurora, Colorado, USA Allen III/?
9 St. Edward's Episcopal Church Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA Allen III/? Info
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