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1 Cathedral Church of St. John Providence, Rhode Island, USA E and GG Hook / Andover 1851 III/48 Info
2 Christ Episcopal Church Charlottesville, Virginia, USA E and GG Hook / Andover 1868 III/41 Info
3 Christ Lutheran Church Baltimore, Maryland, USA Andover 2005 III/82 Info
4 Church of the Epiphany Danville, Virginia, USA Andover 1979 III/48 Info
5 Congregational Church Thompson, Connecticut, USA Johnson / Andover 1873 II/24 Info
6 First Congregational Church Orwell, Vermont, USA E and GG Hook / Andover 1865 I/11 Info
7 First Congregational Church Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA Steere / Andover 1904 II/16 Info
8 First Presbyterian Church Waynesboro, Virginia, USA Woodberry and Harris / Andover 1893 III/40 Info
9 First Presbyterian Church (Chapel) Burlington, North Carolina, USA Andover 1983 II/17 Info
10 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church North Easton, Massachusetts, USA E and GG Hook / Andover 1859 III/36 Info
11 Jones Chapel, Meredith College Raleigh, North Carolina, USA Andover 1983 II/24 Info
12 Round Lake Auditorium Round Lake, New York, USA Ferris / Andover 1847 III/36 Info
13 Second Congregational Meeting house Society, U-U Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA Goodrich / Andover 1831 II/13 Info
14 South Congregational Parish Augusta, Maine, USA E and GG Hook / Andover 1866 II/25 Info
15 St. George's Primitive Methodist Methuen, Massachusetts, USA Treat / Andover 1889 II/26 Info
16 St. Joseph's Cathedral Buffalo, New York, USA E and GG Hook / Andover 1877 IV/101 Info
17 St. Paul's Episcopal Church Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA Hutchings-Votey / Andover 1902 II/15 Info
18 St. Peter's Roman Cathlolic Church Haverstraw, New York, USA Jardine and Son / Andover 1898 II/29 Info
19 United Church of Stonington Stonington, Connecticut, USA E and GG Hook / Andover 1870 II/18 Info
20 University of North Carolina at Greensboro Greensboro, North Carolina, USA Andover 1999 III/38 Info
21 Westminster (Presbyterian) Preservation Trust Baltimore, Maryland, USA Johnson and Son / Andover 1882 II/20 Info
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