Organs by builder - Austin

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1 Brick Presbyterian Church New York City, New York, USA Austin 1963 IV/110 Info
2 Bushnell Memorial Hall Hartford, Connecticut, USA Austin 1929 IV/78 Info
3 Cathedral of St. Joseph Hartford, Connecticut, USA Austin 1962 IV/137 Info
4 Church of the Heavenly Rest New York City, New York, USA Austin / Konzelman 1995 V/145 Info
5 First Baptist Church Portland, Oregon, USA Austin 1958 III/42 Info
6 First Church of Christ, Scientist Louisville, Kentucky, USA Austin 1972 IV/43 Info
7 First Congregational Church St. Louis, Missouri, USA Austin 1929 IV/52 Info
8 First Methodist Church Evanston, Illinois, USA Austin 1954 IV/84 Info
9 La Grave Avenue Christian Reformed Church Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA Austin / Allen 1996 V/108 Info
10 Mather Chapel, Trinity College Hartford, Connecticut, USA Austin 1971 III/79 Info
11 Mormon Tabernacle Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Austin 1915 IV/146 Info
12 National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA Austin 1990 IV/80 Info
13 Reveille United Methodist Church Richmond, Virginia, USA Austin 1954 III/43 Info
14 Riverside Church, Christ Chapel New York City, New York, USA Austin 1959 III/38 Info
15 Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA Austin 1924 IV/81 Info
16 St. Alban's Episcopal Church Columbus, Ohio, USA Austin / Muller 1975 II/23 Info
17 St. John's Episcopal Church West Hartford, Connecticut, USA Austin 1996 III/64 Info
18 St. Luke's Episcopal Church Atlanta, Georgia, USA Austin / Cornel Zimmer 1999 V/116 Info
19 St. Mark's Episcopal Church New Canaan, Connecticut, USA Austin 1961 III/49 Info
20 St. Mary of Perpetual Help Catholic Church Chicago, Illinois, USA Austin 1928 IV/48 Info
21 St. Mary's Catholic Church New Britain, Connecticut, USA Austin / Foley-Baker 1906 III/31 Info
22 St. Mary's College Chapel Moraga, California, USA Austin 1998 IV/50 Info
23 St. Matthew's Lutheran Church Charleston, South Carolina, USA Austin 1967 III/61 Info
24 St. Matthew's Lutheran Church Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA Austin 1964 IV/227 Info
25 St. Paul Community Church Chicago, Illinois, USA Austin / Berghaus 1906 II/15 Info
26 The Chapel, Bowdoin College Brunswick, Maine, USA Austin 1927 III/38 Info
27 The City Hall Auditorium Portland, Maine, USA Austin 1927 V/102 Info
28 The Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea Palm Beach, Florida, USA Austin 2000 IV/109 Info
29 Trinity Episcopal Church Hartford, Connecticut, USA Holtkamp / Austin 1958 III/40 Info
30 Trinity Episcopal Church Houghton, Michigan, USA Austin 1913 III/32 Info
31 Wanamaker Auditorium New York City, New York, USA Austin / Wanamaker 1920 IV/118 Info
32 Wayne Presbyterian Church Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA Austin 1963 IV/63 Info
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