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1 Beam Music Center, University of Nevada Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Beckerath 2004 III/53 Info
2 Church of St. Nicolas Altenbruch, Germany Klapmeyer / Beckerath 1501 III/50 Info
3 Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross Montelimar, France Beckerath 1982 III/39 Info
4 Dwight Chapel, Yale University New Haven, Connecticut, USA Beckerath 1971 III/54 Info
5 Église Immaculée-Conception Montréal, Quebec, Canada Beckerath 1961 III/56 Info
6 First Congregational Church (Gallery Organ) Columbus, Ohio, USA Beckerath 1972 III/73 Info
7 First Presbyterian Church Nashville, Tennessee, USA Beckerath 1974 III/74 Info
8 Marktkirche St. Nicolai Hameln, Lower Saxony, Germany Beckerath 1991 III/40 Info
9 Marlborough College, Chapel of St. Michael and All Angels Marlborough, England Beckerath 2007 IV/61 Info
10 Musikhalle (now Laeiszhalle) Hamburg, Germany Beckerath 1951 IV/59 Info
11 Saint Peter and Paul Cappel, Germany Schnitger / Beckerath 1680 II/50 Info
12 St. Andreas-Kirche Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany Beckerath 1966 IV/91 Info
13 St. Andrew's and Dominion-Douglas United Church Montréal, Quebec, Canada Beckerath / Wolff 1959 II/41 Info
14 St. Joseph's Oratory Montréal, Quebec, Canada Beckerath 1960 V/117 Info
15 St. Joseph's Oratory Montréal, Quebec, Canada Beckerath / Juget-Sinclair 1960 V/117 Info
16 St. Michael's Episcopal Church New York City, New York, USA Beckerath 1967 III/55 Info
17 St. Nicolai et St. Martini Steinkirchen, Germany Schnitger / Beckerath 1687 II/46 Info
18 St. Paul's Cathedral Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Beckerath 1962 IV/93 Info
19 St. Paul's Cathedral Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Beckerath / Taylor and Boody 1962 IV/93 Info
20 St. Stephen's Church Bremen, Germany Beckerath 1965 III/39 Info
21 Stetson University De Land, Florida, USA Beckerath 1961 III/48 Info
22 The Presbyterian Church Mount Kisco, New York, USA Beckerath 2008 III/53 Info
23 Trinity Lutheran Church Cleveland, Ohio, USA Beckerath 1957 IV/65 Info
24 University of Cambridge, Clare College Cambridge, England Beckerath 1971 II/35 Info
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