Organs by builder - Felgemaker

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Institution Location Builder Year Size Click for Information
1 Ascension Catholic Church North Tonawanda, New York, USA Felgemaker 1895 I/8 Info
2 Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Felgemaker 1905 II/17 Info
3 First Baptist Church Madison, Indiana, USA Felgemaker 1900 II/14 Info
4 Holy Cross Church Santa Cruz, California, USA Felgemaker / Goodwin 1889 II/23 Info
5 Sacred Heart Music Center Duluth, Minnesota, USA Felgemaker 1898 II/26 Info
6 St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Boston, New York, USA Felgemaker / Daniel Tenerowicz 1901 II/11 Info
7 Thankful Memorial Episcopal Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA Felgemaker 1888 II/12 Info
8 Trinity Lutheran Church Taneytown, Maryland, USA Felgemaker / Columbia Organ Works 1897 II/15 Info
9 Trinity Presbyterian Church Rushville, Indiana, USA Felgemaker 1906 II/10 Info
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