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1 Andreaskerk - Choir Organ Hattem, Netherlands Slegel III / Flentrop 1677 I/13 Info
2 Busch-Reisinger Museum, Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA Flentrop 1958 III/33 Info
3 Cathedral of St. Mark Seattle, Washington, USA Flentrop 1965 IV/79 Info
4 Cathedral of St. Mary Riga, Latvia Walcker / Flentrop 1883 IV/148 Info
5 Church of Our Lady Breda, Netherlands Flentrop 1966 IV/78 Info
6 Church of the Holy Sacrament Breda, Netherlands Flentrop 1958 III/34 Info
7 De Doelen Concert Hall Rotterdam, Netherlands Flentrop 1967 IV/95 Info
8 Duke Chapel, Duke University Durham, North Carolina, USA Flentrop 1976 IV/102 Info
9 First Unitarian Church New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA Flentrop 1966 II/31 Info
10 Great Church of St. Michael Zwolle, Netherlands Schnitger / Flentrop 1721 IV/94 Info
11 Laurenskerk (great organ) Alkmaar, Netherlands Schnitger (Franz) / Flentrop 1725 III/85 Info
12 Laurenskerk (small organ) Alkmaar, Netherlands Van Covelens / Flentrop 1511 II/23 Info
13 Metropolitan Cathedral East Organ Mexico City, Mexico Nasarre / Flentrop 1736 II/49 Info
14 Metropolitan Cathedral West Organ Mexico City, Mexico Nasare / Flentrop 1736 III/54 Info
15 Oberlin College, Warner Concert Hall Oberlin, Ohio, USA Flentrop 1974 III/72 Info
16 Recital Hall, State University of New York Purchase, New York, USA Flentrop 1977 III/59 Info
17 Salem College, Shirley Recital Hall Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA Flentrop 1965 II/35 Info
18 School Hall, Eton College Eton, England Mitterreither / Flentrop 1773 II/26 Info
19 Sloterkerk Sloten, Netherlands Knipscheer / Flentrop 1851 I/15 Info
20 St. Anne's Episcopal Church Atlanta, Georgia, USA Flentrop 1966 II/33 Info
21 St. Augustin's Chapel, University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky, USA Flentrop 1974 II/8 Info
22 St. Janskerk Schiedam, Netherlands Flentrop 1975 III/56 Info
23 St. Martin's Church Doesburg, Netherlands Walker / Flentrop 1916 IV/89
24 St. Nicolaaskerk Sint-Niklaas, Belgium Flentrop 2007 III/65
25 University of Coimbra Chapel Coimbra, Portugal Unknown / Flentrop 1733 I/24 Info
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