Organs by builder - Frobenius

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Institution Location Builder Year Size Click for Information
1 All Saints Church Kingston upon Thames, England Frobenius 1988 III/52 Info
2 Århus Cathedral Århus, Denmark Frobenius 1929 IV/84 Info
3 Canongate Kirk Edinburgh, Scotland Frobenius 1998 II/24 Info
4 Christ Church Tonder, Denmark Frobenius 1946 III/37
5 Jørlunde church Jørlunde, Denmark Frobenius 2009 II/25 Info
6 Queen's College, Oxford University Oxford, England Frobenius 1965 II/30 Info
7 Skelgård church Copenhagen, Denmark Frobenius 1992 II/22
8 St. Stephen's Episcopal Belvedere, California, USA Frobenius 1989 II/32 Info
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