Organs by builder - Hill and Son

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Institution Location Builder Year Size Click for Information
1 Chester Cathedral Chester, England Hill and Son / Rushworth and Dreaper 1910 IV/79 Info
2 Church of the Holy Name of Jesus Manchester, England Hill and Son / Wells 1871 III/56 Info
3 Queen's Hall London, England Hill and Son 1893 IV/57
4 St. Bride's Episcopal Church Hyndland, Scotland Hill and Son 1965 II/21 Info
5 St. Mary and St. Eanswythe Folkestone, England Hill and Son / Norman and Beard 1894 III/38 Info
6 St. Paul's Church Newcastle-under-Lyme, England Hill and Son / Sixsmith and Son 1995 IV/79 Info
7 St. Thomas Church Douglas, Isle of Man Hill and Son 1886 III/36 Info
8 Thorney Abbey Thorney, England Flight / Hill and Son 1790 II/19 Info
9 United Reformed Church Wellingborough, England Hill and Son / Canter 1875 IV/40 Info
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