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1 All Souls Unitarian Church New York City, New York, USA Holtkamp 1989 III/53 Info
2 Battell Chapel, Yale University New Haven, Connecticut, USA Holtkamp 1951 IV/71 Info
3 Christ Church Cathedral Lexington, Kentucky, USA Holtkamp 1949 III/51 Info
4 Cleveland Museum of Art Cleveland, Ohio, USA Holtkamp 1971 III/79 Info
5 Crouse Auditorium, Syracuse University Syracuse, New York, USA Holtkamp 1950 III/73 Info
6 Fisk University Memorial Chapel Nashville, Tennessee, USA Holtkamp 1960 III/40 Info
7 General Theological Seminary Chapel of the Good Shepherd New York, New York, USA Holtkamp 1958 III/51 Info
8 Hanes Auditorium, Salem University Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA Holtkamp 1965 III/37 Info
9 Hendricks Chapel. Syracuse University Syracuse, New York, USA Holtkamp 1952 III/59 Info
10 Leith Symington Griswold Hall, Peabody Conservatory Baltimore, Maryland, USA Holtkamp 1998 III/54 Info
11 Memorial Hall, University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky, USA Holtkamp 1952 III/52 Info
12 Park Avenue Christian Church New York City, New York, USA Holtkamp 1982 III/47 Info
13 Spelman College, Sisters Chapel Atlanta, Georgia, USA Holtkamp 1968 III/50 Info
14 Sweeney Chapel, Christian Theological Seminary Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Holtkamp 1987 III/44 Info
15 Trinity Episcopal Church Hartford, Connecticut, USA Holtkamp / Austin 1958 III/40 Info
16 University of Alabama Frank Moody Music Building Concert Hall Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA Holtkamp 1988 IV/86 Info
17 University of New Mexico, Keller Hall Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Holtkamp 1967 III/41 Info
18 Wesley Chapel, Houghton College Houghton, New York, USA Holtkamp 1953 III/61 Info
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