Organs by builder - Holzey

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1 Klosterkirche Neresheim, Germany Holzey / Kuhn 1797 III/75 Info
2 Klosterkirche Obermarchtal, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Holzey 1784 III/56 Info
3 Saint Verena Parish Church Rot-an-der-Rot, Germany Holzey / Klais 1793 III/36 Info
4 St. Johannes Ev. Ursberg, Germany Holzey / Klais 1776 II/26 Info
5 St. Maria Major Schießen, Germany Holzey / Link 1797 II/25 Info
6 St. Peter and Paul Weißnau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Holzey / Sandtner 1784 III/63 Info
7 St. Peter and Paul (Hauptwerk Model) Weißnau, Germany Holzey / Sandtner 1784 III/63 Info
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