Organs by builder - Hutchings-Votey

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Institution Location Builder Year Size Click for Information
1 First Church of Christ Scientist New York, New York, USA Hutchings-Votey / Hook and Hastings 1903 IV/68 Info
2 First Church of Christ Scientist Providence, Rhode Island, USA Hutchings-Votey 1912 III/39 Info
3 Maryhurst University, St. Anne's Chapel Maryhurst, Oregon, USA Hutchings-Votey / Bozeman 1901 III/37 Info
4 St. James Cathedral Seattle, Washington, USA Hutchings-Votey / Rosales 1907 IV/46 Info
5 St. Paul's Episcopal Church Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA Hutchings-Votey / Andover 1902 II/15 Info
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