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1 Albert Hall Bolton, England JW Walker 1986 IV/61 Info
2 All Saints' Church Monkland, England JW Walker / Nicholson 1866 II/17 Info
3 All Saints' Church Northampton, England JW Walker 1983 III/38 Info
4 Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary Rochester, England JW Walker / Mander 1905 IV/71 Info
5 Christ Church Northampton, England Aeolian / JW Walker 1929 III/65 Info
6 Christ College Brecon, England Vowles / JW Walker 1873 II/14 Info
7 First Presbyterian Church Norfolk, Virginia, USA JW Walker / JW Walker 1993 III/57 Info
8 Holy Trinity Church Folkestone, England Bishop / JW Walker 1888 III/44 Info
9 Sacred Heart Church Wimbeldon, England JW Walker / Mander 1912 III/51 Info
10 St. Cuthbert's Church Edinburgh, Scotland Hope-Jones / JW Walker 1928 IV/64 Info
11 St. Laurence's Church Ludlow, England Snetzler / JW Walker 1764 IV/52 Info
12 St. Saviour's Church Folkestone, England JW Walker / Renshaw 1903 II/14 Info
13 York Minster York, England JW Walker 1960 IV/103 Info
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