Organs by builder - Jann

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1 M√ľnster St. Jakobus Neustadt, Germany Schwarz / Jann 1910 III/70 Info
2 Cathedral of Our Lady Munich, Germany Jann 1993 IV/136 Info
3 Pfarrkirche St. Mara und Dionys Loizenkirchen, Germany Jann 2003 II/28 Info
4 Saint Martin Dudelange, Luxembourg Stahlhuth / Jann 1912 IV/78 Info
5 St. Martin's Church Landshut, Germany Ekkehard Simon / Jann 1984 IV/107 Info
6 Stiftsbasilika Waldsassen, Bavaria, Germany Brandenstein / Jann 1989 VI/103 Info
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