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1 Cathedral of St. Patrick New York City, New York, USA Kilgen 1930 V/150 Info
2 Holy Rosary Catholic Church Edmonds, Washington, USA Kilgen / Bond 1887 III/27 Info
3 Our Lady of Refuge Church New York, New York, USA Kilgen 1934 III/34 Info
4 St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Kilgen 1931 III/35 Info
5 St. Justin's Church Hartford, Connecticut, USA Kilgen 1933 III/68 Info
6 St. Louis Cathedral St. Louis, Missouri, USA Kilgen / Moller 1949 IV/98 Info
7 St. Louis Cathedral Basilica St. Louis, Missouri, USA Kilgen / Wicks 1949 IV/121 Info
8 St. Paul the Apostle Church Calumet, Michigan, USA Kilgen 1905 II/16 Info
9 St. Pius X Church Portland, Oregon, USA Kilgen / Bond 1890 II/12 Info
10 St. Thomas More Catholic Church Portland, Oregon, USA Kilgen / Bond 1914 II/15 Info
11 The Mission Inn Riverside, California, USA Kimball / Kilgen 1930 III/45 Info
12 Trinity Lutheran Church Tacoma, Washington, USA Kilgen / 1890 II/12 Info
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