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1 Altenberg Abbey Altenberg, Germany Klais 1986 IV/124 Info
2 Bath Abbey Bath, England Klais 1997 IV/67 Info
3 Cathedral of Konstanz Konstanz, Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany Klais 1954 IV/99 Info
4 Cathedral of St. Mary Léon, Spain Klais 2013 V/89 Info
5 Cathedral of Würzburg Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany Klais 1969 V/130 Info
6 Cathedral of Würzburg (Choir Organ) Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany Klais 1969 II/28 Info
7 Christus Erlöser Kirche Baunatal, Hesse, Germany Klais 1996 III/43 Info
8 Church of Our Lady Ingolstadt, Germany Klais 1977 IV/106 Info
9 Grosse Pointe Memorial Church (Presbyterian) Grosse Point Farms, Michigan, USA Klais 1989 III/70 Info
10 Hallgrimskirkja Reykjavik, Iceland Klais 1992 IV/101 Info
11 Himmerod Abbey Himmerod, Germany Klais 1962 IV/79 Info
12 Leeds Cathedral Leeds, England Norman and Beard / Klais 1904 IV/55 Info
13 Saint Verena Parish Church Rot-an-der-Rot, Germany Holzey / Klais 1793 III/36 Info
14 St. Fridolin Bad Sackingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Klais 1993 III/58 Info
15 St. Johannes Ev. Ursberg, Germany Holzey / Klais 1776 II/26 Info
16 St. Peter's Lutheran Church New York City, New York, USA Klais 1977 II/42 Info
17 Trier Cathedral Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany Klais 1974 IV/100 Info
18 Votivkirche Vienna, Austria Walcker / Klais 1878 III/76 Info
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