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1 Basilica of St. Martin Weingarten, Germany Gabler / Kuhn 1737 IV/169 Info
2 Bern Cathedral Bern, Switzerland Kuhn 1930 IV/78 Info
3 Cathedral of St. Peter Osnabrück, Germany Kuhn 2003 III/57 Info
4 Klosterkirche Engelberg, Obwalden, Switzerland Anderhalden / Kuhn 1737 II/41 Info
5 Klosterkirche Neresheim, Germany Holzey / Kuhn 1797 III/75 Info
6 Klosterneuburg Abbey Klosterneuburg, Austria Freundt / Kuhn 1636 III/59 Info
7 Musikhochschule, Grosser Saal Munich, Bavaria, Germany Kuhn 1999 III/52 Info
8 Nidaros Cathedral (West End) Trondheim, Norway Steinmeyer / Kuhn 1930 IV/162 Info
9 Philharmonic Concert Hall Essen, Germany Kuhn 2004 III/82 Info
10 St. François Lausanne, Switzerland Walker / Kuhn 1866 V/101 Info
11 St. George's Abbey Ochsenhausen, Germany Gabler / Kuhn 1736 IV/68 Info
12 St. Johannis Church Lüneburg, Germany Johansen / Kuhn 1552 III/85 Info
13 St. Justin's Church Frankfurt, Germany Kuhn 1988 III/56 Info
14 St. Leodegar Luzerne, Switzerland Geissler / Kuhn 1977 V/144 Info
15 St. Leonhardskirche Basel, Switzerland Kuhn 1969 II/28 Info
16 Stadtkirche St. Anton Zurich, Switzerland Kuhn 2002 III/52 Info
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