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1 Augustana Lutheran Church Washington, DC, USA Letourneau 1999 II/45 Info
2 Christ and St. Luke's Church Norfolk, Virginia, USA Casavant / Letourneau 1963 III/77 Info
3 Christ Church United Methodist Louisville, Kentucky, USA Letourneau 2009 III/54 Info
4 Church of St. Cecilia Sainte-Cecile de Milton, Quebec, Canada Casavant / Letourneau 1893 II/16 Info
5 Church of St. George Cacouna, Québec, Canada Brodeur / Letourneau 1888 II/19 Info
6 Damon Wells Chapel, Pembroke College, Oxford University Oxford, England Letourneau 1995 II/25 Info
7 Edenton Street United Methodist Church Raleigh, North Carolina, USA Letourneau 2007 IV/97 Info
8 Église Saint-Gilbert Montréal, Quebec, Canada Letourneau 1993 II/25 Info
9 Francis Winspear Centre for Music Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Letourneau 2002 IV/122 Info
10 Holy Trinity R.C. Church New York, New York, USA Letourneau 1997 III/38 Info
11 James F. Byrnes Auditorium, Winthrop University Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA Aeolian-Skinner / Létourneau 1955 IV/66 Info
12 Lutheran Church of the Redeemer Atlanta, Georgia, USA Letourneau 2002 III/73 Info
13 St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Letourneau 1995 III/45 Info
14 University of Cambridge, Selwyn College Chapel Cambridge, England Letourneau 2004 III/38 Info
15 Young United Church of Christ Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Letourneau 1993 II/35 Info
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