Organs by builder - Mander

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Institution Location Builder Year Size Click for Information
1 Birmingham Town Hall Birmingham, England Hill / Mander 1837 V/112 Info
2 Bristol Cathedral Bristol, England Walker / Mander 1907 IV/66 Info
3 Canterbury Cathedral Canterbury, England Willis / Mander 1886 III/78 Info
4 Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary Rochester, England JW Walker / Mander 1905 IV/71 Info
5 Chichester Cathedral Chichester, England Hill / Mander 1985 IV/61 Info
6 Christ Chapel of God's Gift Dulwich, England George England / Mander 1760 III/27 Info
7 Christ Church Cranbrook Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA EM Skinner / Mander 1927 IV/110 Info
8 Cranleigh School Cranleigh, England Mander 2010 III/39 Info
9 Eton College Chapel Windsor, England Hill / Mander 1885 IV/63 Info
10 Magdalen College Chapel, Oxford University Oxford, England Mander 1984 II/29 Info
11 Peachtree Road United Methodist Church (Chancel Organ) Atlanta, Georgia, USA Mander 2002 IV/90 Info
12 Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Mander 2000 III/65 Info
13 Princeton University Chapel Princeton, New Jersey, USA EM Skinner / Mander 1928 IV/135 Info
14 Royal Albert Hall London, England Willis / Mander 1871 IV/177 Info
15 Sacred Heart Church Wimbeldon, England JW Walker / Mander 1912 III/51 Info
16 St John the Evangelist - Upper Norwood London, England Mander / Harrison and Harrison 1947 III/36 Info
17 St. Ignatius Loyola New York City, New York, USA Mander 1993 IV/91 Info
18 St. Paul's Cathedral London, England Willis / Mander 1977 V/132 Info
19 St. Peter's Episcopal Church St. Louis, Missouri, USA Mander 2001 III/53 Info
20 Ulster Hall Belfast, Northern Ireland Hill / Mander 1862 IV/96 Info
21 University of Cambridge, Jesus College Chapel Cambridge, England JC Bishop and Son / Mander 1849 II/13 Info
22 University of Cambridge, Pembroke College Chapel Cambridge, England Mander 1980 II/32 Info
23 University of Cambridge, St. John's College Cambridge, England Mander 1994 IV/81 Info
24 Walsall Town Hall Walsall, England Nicholson and Lord / Mander 1908 V/63 Info
25 Westminster College Chapel Fulton, Missouri, USA Mander 1969 II/38 Info
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