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1 Cathedral of St. Vincent - Schwalbennestorgel Bern, Switzerland Metzler 1982 II/14 Info
2 Cathédrale St-Pierre Geneva, Switzerland Metzler 1965 IV/68 Info
3 Grossmünster Zurich, Switzerland Metzler 1960 IV/67 Info
4 Katholische Kirche St. Peter und Paul Villmergen, Aargau, Switzerland Metzler 1978 II/34 Info
5 Katholische Stadtkirche St. Nikolaus Frauenfeld, Thurgau, Switzerland Metzler 1970 III/44 Info
6 Parish Church Büren an der Aare, Bern, Switzerland Speisegger / Metzler 1770 I/?
7 Parish church (Stadtkirche Baden) Baden, Aargau, Switzerland Metzler 1968 III/41
8 Parish Church of St. Jacob Friedberg, Germany Metzler 2011 III/49 Info
9 Parish Church of St. Joseph Perosa Argentina, Italy Metzler 1937 I/8 Info
10 St. Jacob's Church The Hague, Netherlands Metzler 1971 III/50 Info
11 St. Michael's Church Eutin, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Metzler 1987 III/35 Info
12 Stadtkirche Zofingen, Switzerland Metzler 1983 III/46 Info
13 Stiftskirche Ossiach, Austria Metzler 1971 II/18
14 Trinity College Chapel Cambridge, England Metzler 1975 III/61 Info
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