Organs by builder - Nicholson

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1 All Saint's Church Cheltenham, England Hill / Nicholson 1887 IV/53 Info
2 All Saints' Church Monkland, England JW Walker / Nicholson 1866 II/17 Info
3 Cathedral of St. Philip Birmingham, England Nicholson 1929 IV/72 Info
4 Gloucester Cathedral Gloucester, England Hill, Norman and Beard / Nicholson 1971 IV/82 Info
5 Harris Manchester College Chapel Oxford, England Nicholson 1930 III/35 Info
6 Holy Apostles Church Cheltenham, England Nicholson 1972 III/33 Info
7 Priory Church of St. Peter and St. Paul Leominster, England Nicholson 1924 III/38 Info
8 St. Martin's Church Worchester, England Nicholson / Tipple 1928 III/38 Info
9 St. Mary Magdeline Castle Ashby, England NIcholson 1872 II/21 Info
10 St. Matthew's Church Cheltenham, England Willis / Nicholson 1879 III/39 Info
11 St. Michael's Cornhill London, England Rushworth and Dreaper / Nicholson 1925 III/47 Info
12 St. Patrick's Catholic Church Mentone, Victoria, Australia Nicholson / Pipe Organ Reconstructions 1862 II/29 Info
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