Organs by builder - Odell

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Institution Location Builder Year Size Click for Information
1 Corpus Christi Catholic Church Baltimore, Maryland, USA Odell 1889 II/30 Info
2 Derby United Methodist Church Deby, Connecticut, USA Odell / Hamar 1868 II/22 Info
3 Emmanuel Episcopal Hastings, Michigan, USA Odell / Fowler 1867 II/24 Info
4 Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church Buffalo, New York, USA Hall and Labagh / Odell 1853 II/14 Info
5 Okolona Baptist Church Louisville, Kentucky, USA Odell 1898 II/22 Info
6 St. Charles Borromeo Brooklyn, New York, USA Odell 1880 III/35 Info
7 St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church (now St. Joseph's Oratory) Detroit, Michigan, USA Odell / Worden 1873 II/36 Info
8 Wayne Community Church Wayne, Maine, USA Odell / David E Wallace 1893 I/7 Info
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