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Institution Location Builder Year Size Click for Information
1 Augustana Lutheran Church Denver, Colorado, USA Reuter 1983 IV/57 Info
2 Cathedral of St. John Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Reuter 2002 III/65 Info
3 Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Springfield, Illinois, USA Reuter 2014 IV/59 Info
4 Christ United Methodist Church Plano, Texas, USA Reuter 2012 IV/90 Info
5 Denver University Whatley Chapel Denver, Colorado, USA Reuter 1962 III/55 Info
6 First Baptist Church Worcester, Massachusetts, USA Reuter / Russel and Co. 1961 IV/98 Info
7 First Presbyterian Church Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Reuter 2000 IV/113 Info
8 First United Methodist Church Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Reuter 1958 III/44 Info
9 Grace Episcopal Church Charleston, South Carolina, USA Reuter 1952 IV/68 Info
10 Holy Name of Jesus Church San Francisco, California, USA Reuter 1983 II/32 Info
11 Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church Rockwall, Texas, USA Reuter 2000 II/25 Info
12 Reformation Lutheran Church Washington, DC, USA Reuter 1965 III/50
13 Shadyside Presbyterian Church Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Reuter 1995 IV/105 Info
14 Shryock Auditorium, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois, USA Reuter 1972 III/58 Info
15 St. Bartholomew Catholic Faith Community Wayzata, Minnesota, USA Reuter 2007 II/39 Info
16 St. Francis Xavier Cathedral Alexandria, Louisiana, USA Reuter 2003 III/54 Info
17 St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA EM Skinner / Reuter 1938 IV/87 Info
18 St. John's Lutheran Church Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA EM Skinner / Reuter 1938 IV/87 Info
19 St. Michael's Lutheran Church Bloomington, Minnesota, USA Reuter 2003 III/48 Info
20 The Institute of St. Joseph Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA Reuter 2006 II/3 Info
21 Third Baptist Church St. Louis, Missouri, USA Moller / Reuter 1947 IV/72 Info
22 University of Florida Gainesville, Florida, USA EM Skinner / Reuter 1924 V/99 Info
23 University of Pittsburgh Heinz Chapel Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Reuter 1995 III/73 Info
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