Organs by builder - Ruffatti

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1 Brigham Young University-Idaho Rexburg, Idaho, USA Ruffatti / Rodgers 1983 IV/67 Info
2 Cathedral of Saint Jude St. Petersburg, Florida, USA Rodgers / Ruffatti 1999 IV/10 Info
3 Church of Sant' Antonio Salanda, Italy Anonymous / Ruffatti 1570 I/10 Info
4 Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA Ruffatti 1974 IV/117 Info
5 Davies Symphony Hall San Francisco, California, USA Ruffatti 1984 V/147 Info
6 Garden Grove Community Church (Crystal Cathedral) Garden Grove, California, USA Ruffatti 1977 V/200 Info
7 Our Lady of Grace Johnston, Rhode Island, USA Ruffatti 1969 II/23
8 Spivey Hall, Clayton State University Atlanta, Georgia, USA Ruffatti 1991 III/79 Info
9 St. Mary's Cathedral San Francisco, California, USA Ruffatti 1971 IV/89 Info
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