Organs by builder - Schlicker

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Institution Location Builder Year Size Click for Information
1 Baker Memorial United Methodist Church East Aurora, New York, USA EM Skinner / Schlicker 1923 II/18 Info
2 Church of the Intercession New York City, New York, USA Schlicker 1968 III/65 Info
3 Delaware Avenue Baptist Church Buffalo, New York, USA Johnson and Son / Schlicker 1876 III/58 Info
4 First Congregational Church Los Angeles, California, USA EM Skinner / Schlicker 1969 IV/346 Info
5 First Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Tonawanda, New York, USA Schlicker 1966 III/46 Info
6 Kenmore Presbyterian Church Buffalo, New York, USA Schlicker 1948 III/59 Info
7 Mount Olive Lutheran Church Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Schlicker 1965 III/62 Info
8 Plymouth Church United Church of Christ Seattle, Washington, USA Schlicker 1967 III/69 Info
9 Saint Paul Episcopal Cathedral Buffalo, New York, USA Schlicker 1975 III/27 Info
10 St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church Buffalo, New York, USA Schlicker 1932 II/16 Info
11 St. John's RC Church Macon, Georgia, USA Schlicker 1986 III/53 Info
12 The Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society Buffalo, New York, USA Aeolian / Schlicker 1911 II/19 Info
13 Trinity Episcopal Church Buffalo, New York, USA Schlicker 1954 III/63 Info
14 Valparaiso University Chapel Valparaiso, Indiana, USA Schlicker / Dobson 1959 IV/101 Info
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