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1 Dutch Reformed Church Uithuizen, Netherlands Schnitger / Edskes 1700 II/39 Info
2 Great Church of St. Michael Zwolle, Netherlands Schnitger / Flentrop 1721 IV/94 Info
3 Martinikerk Groningen, Netherlands Schnitger / Ahrend 1740 III/79 Info
4 Saint Peter and Paul Cappel, Germany Schnitger / Beckerath 1680 II/50 Info
5 St. Cosmae Stade, Germany Schnitger / Ahrend 1673 III/62 Info
6 St. Cyprian and Cornelius Gandekesee, Germany Schnitger / Lorenz 1699 II/28 Info
7 St. Jacobi Hamburg, Germany Schnitger / Kemper 1693 IV/98 Info
8 St. Jacobi L├╝dingworth, Lower Saxony, Germany Schnitger / Ahrend 1683 III/55 Info
9 St. Laurentius Dedesdorf, Germany Schnitger 1698 II/18 Info
10 St. Ludgeri Norden, Germany Schnitger / Richards, Fowkes and Co 1686 III/76 Info
11 St. Nicolai et St. Martini Steinkirchen, Germany Schnitger / Beckerath 1687 II/46 Info
12 St. Pankratiuskirche Neuenfelde, Germany Schnitger 1682 II/54 Info
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