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1 Carmelite Monastery of Cristo Rey San Francisco, California, USA Schoenstein 1990 II/9 Info
2 First-Plymouth Congregational Church Lincoln, Nebraska, USA Schoenstein 1998 IV/95 Info
3 Franklin Presbyterian Church Franklin, Tennessee, USA Schoenstein 2001 II/14 Info
4 Grace Episcopal Church Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA Schoenstein 1996 II/23 Info
5 Ladue Chapel Presbyterian Church Ladue, Missouri, USA Schoenstein 2014 III/46 Info
6 Laura Turner Hall, Schermerhorn Symphony Center Nashville, Tennessee, USA Schoenstein 2007 III/64 Info
7 Mormon Tabernacle Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Aeolian-Skinner / Schoenstein 1947 V/206 Info
8 Our Mother of Good Counsel Church Los Angeles, California, USA Schoenstein 1988 II/10 Info
9 Payne Residence Los Angeles, California, USA Schoenstein 1996 II/7 Info
10 S.S. Peter and Paul Church San Francisco, California, USA Schoenstein 1987 II/28 Info
11 Spring Valley United Methodist Church Dallas, Texas, USA Schoenstein 1998 III/34 Info
12 St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Amarillo, Texas, USA Aeolian-Skinner / Schoenstein 1941 IV/103 Info
13 St. Elizabeth Church San Francisco, California, USA Schoenstein 1986 II/21 Info
14 St. James Episcopal Church New York, New York, USA Schoenstein 2010 IV/78 Info
15 St. Martin's Episcopal Church Houston, Texas, USA Schoenstein 2004 IV/80 Info
16 St. Paul's Parish (Episcopal) Washington, DC, USA Schoenstein 2005 IV/64 Info
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