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1 Benedictine Monestary of St. Maurice Ebersmunster, France Silbermann 1732 III/41
2 Cathedral Arlesheim, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland Silbermann 1765 III/49 Info
3 Church of Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune Strasbourg, France Silbermann / Kern 1780 III/60 Info
4 Eglise Abbatiale Ebersmunster, France Silbermann 1732 III/44 Info
5 Église abbatiale Marmoutier, France Silbermann 1710 III/41 Info
6 Evangelical Lutheran Church Reinhardstgrimma, Germany Silbermann / Wegscheider 1729 II/20 Info
7 Freiberg Cathedral Freiberg , Saxony, Germany Silbermann 1714 III/67 Info
8 Lutheran Church of Resurrection Meissenheim, Germany Silbermann 1766 II/21 Info
9 Marienkirche Rötha, Germany Silbermann 1722 I/12 Info
10 Sainte-Aurelie Strasbourg, France Silbermann / Muhleisen 1718 III/73 Info
11 St. George's Church Rotha, Germany Silbermann 1721 II/23 Info
12 St. George's Church Glauchau, Germany Silbermann / Eule 1730 II/34 Info
13 St. Petri Church Freiberg, Germany Silbermann 1735 II/42 Info
14 St. Thomas Church Strasbourg, France Silbermann / Kern 1741 I/45 Info
15 Trinity Cathedral Dresden, Germany Silbermann 1755 V/67 Info
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