Organs by builder - Taylor and Boody

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Institution Location Builder Year Size Click for Information
1 Christ Church Cathedral Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Taylor and Boody 1992 III/53 Info
2 College of the Holy Cross, St. Joseph Chapel Worcester, Massachusetts, USA Taylor and Boody 1985 IV/84 Info
3 Ferris University Yokohama, Japan Taylor and Boody 1989 III/58 Info
4 Frank L. Horton Museum Salem, North Carolina, USA Tannenberg / Taylor and Boody 1799 II/13 Info
5 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Lynchburg, Virginia, USA Taylor and Boody 1990 II/21 Info
6 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church York Springs, Pennsylvania, USA Taylor and Boody 1986 II/17 Info
7 St. Paul's Cathedral Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Beckerath / Taylor and Boody 1962 IV/93 Info
8 St. Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue (Gallery) New York City, New York, USA Taylor and Boody 1996 III/45 Info
9 The Presbyterian Church Danville, Kentucky, USA Taylor and Boody 1999 III/46 Info
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