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1 All Hallows Church (Chamber Organ) Twickenham, England Unknown ca. 1850 I/4
2 Bolivar Presbyterian Church Bolivar, Tennessee, USA Unknown ca. 1840 I/7 Info
3 Collegiate Church Covarrubias, Spain unknown 17th c. I/27
4 Convent of San Geronimo Tlacochahuaya, Mexico Unknown / Tattershall 1650 I/15 Info
5 Holy Cross Lutheran Church Portland, Oregon, USA Unknown / Bond ca. 1885 II/11 Info
6 John Tarrant Kurney Hitchcock Museum (Closed) Riverton, Connecticut, USA Unknown / Hamar 1840 I/4 Info
7 Notre-Dame-de-la-Nativité (Hauptwerk Model) Rozay-en-Brie, France Unknown 1723 III/41 Info
8 Oratory of San Bovo Padua, Italy Unknown 17th c I/?
9 Shrine of Our Lady Absam, Austria Unknown 1745 II/32
10 St. Jacobi Lubeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Unknown / Schuke 15th c. IV/62 Info
11 St. Mark's Anglican Cathedral Portland, Oregon, USA Unknown / Bosman ca. 1850 I/7 Info
12 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church Castletown, Isle of Man Unknown ca. 1870 I/? Info
13 St. Patrick's Church Portland, Oregon, USA Unknown / Bond 1875 I/3 Info
14 University of Coimbra Chapel Coimbra, Portugal Unknown / Flentrop 1733 I/24 Info
15 Valère Basilica Sion, Switzerland Unknown 1435 I/10 Info
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