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Institution Location Builder Year Size Click for Information
1 Basilica of St. Mary Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Wicks 1949 IV/84 Info
2 Chapel of the Holy Spirit, Assumption College Worcester, Massachusetts, USA Wicks / Russel and Co. 1960 III/56 Info
3 First Congregational Church Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA Wicks 2004 III/59 Info
4 First United Methodist Church Charleston, Missouri, USA Wicks 1996 III/14 Info
5 La Grange Presbyterian Church La Grange, Georgia, USA Wicks 1997 III/37 Info
6 Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church Richmond, Indiana, USA Henry Pilcher Sons / Wicks 1937 III/42 Info
7 Sacred heart Catholic Church Tampa, Florida, USA Moller / Wicks 1993 IV/54 Info
8 Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Schuelke / Wicks 1899 II/27 Info
9 St. Adalbert's Basilica Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA Wicks 1980 III/40 Info
10 St. Ita Catholic Church Chicago, Illinois, USA Wicks / Howells 1951 IV/68 Info
11 St. Ita Catholic Church Chicago, Illinois, USA Wicks / HA Howell 2002 IV/68 Info
12 St. Louis Cathedral Basilica St. Louis, Missouri, USA Kilgen / Wicks 1949 IV/121 Info
13 St. Mary Catholic Church Littleton, Colorado, USA Wicks I/?
14 St. Mary's Cathedral Peoria, Illinois, USA Wicks 1937 III/57 Info
15 St. Michael Catholic Church Houston, Texas, USA Wicks 1964 III/41 Info
16 St. Paul's Cathedral San Diego, California, USA Aeolian-Skinner / Wicks 1967 IV/85 Info
17 Wicks Organ Company Highland, Illinois, USA Wicks 2001 III/18
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