Organs by builder - Wilhelm

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1 Abbey Church Saint-Benoît-du-lac, Quebec, Canada Wilhelm 1999 III/57 Info
2 Christ Church Cathedral (Anglican) Montréal, Quebec, Canada Wilhelm 1980 III/63 Info
3 Church of Saint Joseph Deschambault, Québec, Canada Warren and Son / Wilhelm 1892 II/20 Info
4 Church of St. Ambroise Loretville, Quebec, Canada Wilhelm 1969 II/23 Info
5 Church of the Ascension Knoxville, Tennessee, USA Wilhelm 1987 III/64 Info
6 Church of the Most Holy Redeemer (Choir Organ) Montréal, Quebec, Canada Wilhelm 1993 II/15 Info
7 Eglise Saint-Leon Montréal, Quebec, Canada Guilbault-Therien / Wilhelm 1995 II/49 Info
8 First Congregational Church Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Wilhelm 1985 III/54 Info
9 Paris-Yates Chapel, University of Mississippi Oxford, Mississippi, USA Wilhelm 2001 II/32 Info
10 St. Albans School Washington, DC, USA Wilhelm 1988 II/31 Info
11 St. Matthias Church Westmount, Quebec, Canada Wilhelm 1973 III/45 Info
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