Organs by builder - Willis

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1 Blenheim Palace Woodstock, England Willis 1892 IV/56 Info
2 Canterbury Cathedral Canterbury, England Willis / Mander 1886 III/78 Info
3 Cathedral of St. David and St. Andrew St. Davids, Wales Willis / Rushworth and Dreaper 1883 III/47 Info
4 Chapel of Loretto School Musselburgh, Scotland Willis / Kenneth Jones 1989 III/45 Info
5 Christ Church Claughton, England Willis / Rushworth and Dreaper 1867 III/42 Info
6 Church of St. Alban the Martyr Holborn, England Willis / Rushworth and Dreaper 1895 III/59 Info
7 Church of St. Michael and All Angels Great Torrington, England Willis 1864 III/42 Info
8 Church of the Immaculate Conception London, England Willis / Bishop 1926 III/45 Info
9 Durham Cathedral Durham, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1970 IV/98 Info
10 Exeter Cathedral Exeter, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1891 IV/72 Info
11 Gloucester Cathedral Gloucester, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1898 IV/49 Info
12 Hereford Cathedral Hereford, England Willis / Harrison and harrison 1892 IV/76 Info
13 Huddersfield Town Hall Huddersfield, England Willis 1860 IV/78 Info
14 Lincoln Cathedral Lincoln, England Willis / Harris 1898 IV/68 Info
15 Liverpool Cathedral Liverpool, England Willis 1923 V/181 Info
16 Örgryte New Church Göteborg, Sweden Willis / Tostareds 1871 III/31 Info
17 Royal Albert Hall London, England Willis / Mander 1871 IV/177 Info
18 Salisbury Cathedral Salisbury, England Willis 1877 IV/68 Info
19 Salisbury Cathedral (Hauptwerk Model) Salisbury, England Willis 1877 IV/68 Info
20 Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford University Oxford, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1927 III/38 Info
21 St. Augstine Kilburn, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1871 IV/40 Info
22 St. Giles' Cathedral Edinburgh, Scotland Harrison and Harrison / Willis 1878 III/87 Info
23 St. Margaret's Knightswood, Scotland Willis / Andrew Watt & Son 1866 II/16 Info
24 St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral Edinburgh, Scotland Willis 1897 IV/66 Info
25 St. Matthew's Church Cheltenham, England Willis / Nicholson 1879 III/39 Info
26 St. Michael at the North Gate Oxford, England Willis / Willis 1954 III/25 Info
27 St. Michael's Church Tenbury Wells, England Willis 1873 IV/66 Info
28 St. Patrick's Cathedral Dublin, Ireland Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1902 IV/72 Info
29 St. Paul's Cathedral London, England Willis / Mander 1977 V/132 Info
30 St. Peter and St. Paul Saltwood, England Walker / Willis ca. 1870 III/22 Info
31 The Cathedral Church of St. Mary the Virgin and St. Ethelbert the King Hereford, England Willis 1892 IV/67 Info
32 The Town Hall Reading, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1882 IV/41 Info
33 Truro Cathedral Truro, England Willis 1887 IV/45 Info
34 Westminster Cathedral London, England Willis 1932 IV/75 Info
35 Winchester Cathedral Winchester, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1851 IV/108 Info
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