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1 Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore Venice, Italy Pietro Nacchini / Zanin 1750 I/18 Info
2 Basilica of Santa Maria della Misericordia Fermo, Italy Gaetano Callido / Zanin 1785 I/13 Info
3 Basilica of Santa Rita da Cascia Turin, Italy Zanin 1990 IV/75 Info
4 Chiesa di San Cassiano Venice, Italy Nacchini / Zanin 1743 II/33 Info
5 Church of San Giacomo del Carmine (Epistle organ) Imola, Italy Zanin 1993 I/12 Info
6 Church of San Giacomo del Carmine (Gospel organ) Imola, Italy Zanin 1993 III/21 Info
7 Church of San Rocco Venice, Italy Pietro Nacchini / Zanin 1743 I/11 Info
8 Church of Sant'Antonio Abate Padua, Italy Zanin 2007 II/32 Info
9 Church of St. Joachim di Prati Rome, Italy Anneessens Ruyssers / Zanin 1908 III/26 Info
10 Duomo di Sant'Andrea Venzone, Italy Callido / Zanin 1792 I/20 Info
11 Parish Church of San Floriano Pieve di Zoldo, Italy Callido and Sons / Zanin 1812 I/16 Info
12 Saint Corpo of Cristo Valvasone, Italy Colombi / Zanin 1532 I/22 Info
13 Udine Cathedral Udine, Italy Dacci / Zanin 1773 II/17
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