Organs by date - 1890 - 1871

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1 L'abbatiale Saint-Ouen Rouen, France Cavaille-Coll 1890 IV/64 Info
2 Church of Saint-Salomon and Saint Gregory Pithiviers, France Cavaille-Coll / Boisseau 1890 III/70 Info
3 St. Paul's Cathedral Melbourne, Australia TC Lewis / Harrison and Harrison 1890 IV/58 Info
4 Jesuskirken Copenhagen, Denmark Cavaille-Coll / Thomas and Jensen 1890 II/20 Info
5 Basilique Notre-Dame Montréal, Quebec, Canada Casavant 1890 IV/122 Info
6 Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Genoa, Italy Trice / Balbiani 1890 III/61 Info
7 St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Naugatuck, Connecticut, USA Ryder 1890 III/24 Info
8 Toll Gavel Methodist and United Reformed Church Beverley, England Binns / Wood 1890 II/26 Info
9 Church of Saint Mary of the Assumption Vabalninkas, Lithuania Radavicius 1890 III/38 Info
10 Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Lafayette, Louisiana, USA Pilcher Brothers 1890 I/5 Info
11 Pisgah Presbyterian Church Versailles, Kentucky, USA Koehnken and Grimm 1890 II/11 Info
12 Corpus Christi Catholic Church Baltimore, Maryland, USA Odell 1889 II/30 Info
13 St. George's Primitive Methodist Methuen, Massachusetts, USA Treat / Andover 1889 II/26 Info
14 Pilgrim Church of Bethel Detroit, Michigan, USA Granville Wood and Son 1889 II/29 Info
15 Holy Cross Church Santa Cruz, California, USA Felgemaker / Goodwin 1889 II/23 Info
16 Priory Church of St. Mary Bridlington, England Anneessens / Nicholsons 1889 IV/90 Info
17 Parish Church Saint-Isidore-de-Dorchester, Québec, Canada Déry / Guilbault-Thérien 1889 II/16 Info
18 St. Francis of Rome Louisville, Kentucky, USA Van Dinter 1889 II/23 Info
19 Basilica of St. Sernin Toulouse, France Cavaillé-Coll 1888 III/54 Info
20 Eglise Notre-Dame la Dalbade Toulouse, France Puget 1888 III/63 Info
21 Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA EM Skinner / Miller 1888 III/31 Info
22 Thankful Memorial Episcopal Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA Felgemaker 1888 II/12 Info
23 Holy Trinity Church Folkestone, England Bishop / JW Walker 1888 III/44 Info
24 Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church Chicago, Illinois, USA Johnson and Son / Bradford 1888 II/26 Info
25 St. Giles Church, Southampton Street Reading, England Walker / Harrison and Harrison 1888 III/37 Info
26 Church of St. George Cacouna, Québec, Canada Brodeur / Letourneau 1888 II/19 Info
27 Truro Cathedral Truro, England Willis 1887 IV/45 Info
28 All Saint's Church Cheltenham, England Hill / Nicholson 1887 IV/53 Info
29 Segenskirche Frankfurt-Greiesheim, Germany Sauer 1887 II/36
30 St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church Detroit, Michigan, USA Granville Wood and Son / Casavant 1887 II/23 Info
31 Strawbridge United Methodist Church Baltimore, Maryland, USA Hook and Hastings 1887 II/10 Info
32 St. Joseph's Monastery Chapel Baltimore, Maryland, USA Henry Niemann 1887 II/17 Info
33 Partick Methodist Church Glasgow, Scotland Forster and Andrews 1886 II/15 Info
34 Canterbury Cathedral Canterbury, England Willis / Mander 1886 III/78 Info
35 Church of St. Simon Valmiera, Latvia Ladegast 1886 III/40
36 Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church Baltimore, Maryland, USA Ganter and Schumacher 1886 II/26 Info
37 St. Thomas Church Douglas, Isle of Man Hill and Son 1886 III/36 Info
38 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church New Albany, Indiana, USA Barckhoff / Muller 1886 II/21 Info
39 Eton College Chapel Windsor, England Hill / Mander 1885 IV/63 Info
40 Notre-Dame d'Auteuil Paris, France Cavaille-Coll / Gloton-Debierre 1885 III/72 Info
41 Cathedral of St. Hyacinthe the Confessor Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada Casavant 1885 IV/52 Info
42 Tewkesbury Abbey (Grove Organ) Gloucestershire, England Michel and Thynne 1885 IV/40 Info
43 Saint-Etienne Caen, France Cavaille-Coll 1885 III/65 Info
44 St. John Neumann Roman Catholic Church Canton, Michigan, USA Barckhoff / Wigton 1885 II/32 Info
45 Church of St. Peter Budleigh Salterton, England HIll / Farley 1885 III/48 Info
46 Former St. Saviour Anglican Church Lacolle, Québec, Canada Casavant 1885 I/5 Info
47 St. John United Church of Christ Palatine, Illinois, USA Witzmann 1885 I/8 Info
48 Felicity United Methodist Church New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Hook and Hastings 1885 I/13 Info
49 St. Martin de Tours Church Martinville, Louisiana, USA Pilcher Brothers 1885 I/7 Info
50 Lovely Lane United Methodist Church (Chapel) Baltimore, Maryland, USA Roosevelt / Howell 1885 I/9 Info
51 St. Luke's Church Cheltenham, England Brindley and Foster 1884 III/28 Info
52 St. Annenkirche Annaberg, Saxony, Germany Walcker / Eule 1884 III/94 Info
53 Minster Church of St. John and St. Martin Beverley, England Snetzler / Hill 1884 IV/81 Info
54 Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Baltimore, Maryland, USA Roosevelt / Schantz 1884 III/36 Info
55 St. Luke's Episcopal Church Baltimore, Maryland, USA Roosevelt / Lewis and Hitchcock 1884 III/31 Info
56 Mount de Sales Academy Catonsville, Maryland, USA Jardine and Son 1884 II/11 Info
57 First Congregational Church Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA Roosevelt 1883 IV/73 Info
58 Holy Trinity Church Twickenham, England Henry Willis and Sons 1883 III/27 Info
59 Eglise de Saint-Amans Rodez, Aveyron, France Puget / Renaud-Menoret 1883 III/35 Info
60 Cathedral of St. Mary Riga, Latvia Walcker / Flentrop 1883 IV/148 Info
61 Cathedral of St. David and St. Andrew St. Davids, Wales Willis / Rushworth and Dreaper 1883 III/47 Info
62 St. Paul Catholic Church, Chapel of Mary, Queen of the Apostles Valparaiso, Indiana, USA Johnson and Son / Rutz 1883 II/18 Info
63 Église de la Visitation Ile-Dupas, Quebec, Canada SR Warren 1882 II/12 Info
64 The Town Hall Reading, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1882 IV/41 Info
65 Cathédrale Notre-Dame Sées, France Cavaillé-Coll / Benoist et Sarelot 1882 III/58 Info
66 Pullman United Methodist Church Chicago, Illinois, USA Steere and Turner 1882 II/24 Info
67 Westminster (Presbyterian) Preservation Trust Baltimore, Maryland, USA Johnson and Son / Andover 1882 II/20 Info
68 St. Nicholas Sidmouth, England Hele / Farley 1881 III/47 Info
69 St. Augustine Church Amsterdam, Netherlands Cavaillé-Coll 1881 II/25 Info
70 Church of St. Leo the Great Baltimore, Maryland, USA Henry Niemann 1881 II/22 Info
71 St. Charles Borromeo Brooklyn, New York, USA Odell 1880 III/35 Info
72 Cathedral of the Holy Cross Orleans, France Cavaillé-Coll 1880 IV/72 Info
73 Eglise de Saint-Francois de Sales Lyon, France Cavaille-Coll 1880 III/52 Info
74 Christ Episcopal Church Napoleonville, Louisiana, USA Jardine and Son 1880 I/7 Info
75 First Unitarian Church Parish Hall Baltimore, Maryland, USA Henry Niemann 1880 I/6 Info
76 Emmanuel Reformed Episcopal Church Baltimore, Maryland, USA Pomplitz 1880 II/9 Info
77 St. John's Church Orange, New Jersey, USA E and GG Hook 1879 III/44 Info
78 St. Matthew's Church Cheltenham, England Willis / Nicholson 1879 III/39 Info
79 St. George's Church Newcastle-under-Lyme, England Wadsworth 1879 III/48 Info
80 St. Mary's Church Fort Madison, Iowa, USA Pfeffer 1879 II/34 Info
81 Holy Family Catholic Church Chicago, Illinois, USA Steinmeyer / Muhleisen 1879 I/11 Info
82 St. John's United Church of Christ Madison, Indiana, USA Koehnken and Grimm 1879 I/9 Info
83 St. Giles' Cathedral Edinburgh, Scotland Harrison and Harrison / Willis 1878 III/87 Info
84 L'Eglise Saint-François Xavier Paris, France Fermis / Dargassies 1878 III/81 Info
85 Maurice Ravel Auditorium Lyon, France Cavaille-Coll / Aubertin 1878 IV/124 Info
86 Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Wilfrid Ripon, England TC Lewis / Harrison and Harrison 1878 IV/70 Info
87 Notre Dame de l'Assomption Chatou, France Abbey / Ayer 1878 IV/40 Info
88 Votivkirche Vienna, Austria Walcker / Klais 1878 III/76 Info
89 Versailles Presbyterian Church Versailles, Kentucky, USA Pilcher Sons 1878 II/15 Info
90 St. Joseph's Cathedral Buffalo, New York, USA E and GG Hook / Andover 1877 IV/101 Info
91 Salisbury Cathedral Salisbury, England Willis 1877 IV/68 Info
92 Fulda Cathedral Fulda, Hesse, Germany Sauer-Rieger 1877 IV/72 Info
93 St. Giles' Church Newcastle-under-Lyme, England Steele and Keay / Henry WIllis and Sons 1877 III/48 Info
94 Brecon Cathedral Brecon, England Holland / Percy Daniel and Co 1877 III/44 Info
95 St. Mary's Church Brecon, England Vowles 1877 II/21 Info
96 Wellington Cathedral of St. Paul Wellington, New Zealand Lewis / Croft 1877 IV/69 Info
97 St. George's Anglican Church Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada SR Warren / Raudsepp 1876 I/2 Info
98 St. Paul's Episcopal New Haven, Connecticut, USA Jardine / Hamar 1876 II/26 Info
99 St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church Taneytown, Maryland, USA England / Henry Niemann 1876 I/8 Info
100 Cathedral of the Holy Cross Boston, Massachusetts, USA Hook and Hastings 1875 III/101 Info
101 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA Hutchings, Plaisted and Co 1875 II/20 Info
102 United Reformed Church Wellingborough, England Hill and Son / Canter 1875 IV/40 Info
103 The Congregational Church, UCC Killingworth, Connecticut, USA Holbrook / Hamar 1875 II/18 Info
104 Scottish Rite Cathedral Chicago, Illinois, USA E and GG Hook and Hastings 1875 III/40 Info
105 Second and Fourth Baptist Church Baltimore, Maryland, USA Pomplitz 1875 I/8 Info
106 Cathedral of Saint-Pierre Lisieux, France Cavaillé-Coll 1874 III/69 Info
107 Église St-André Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada Mitchell 1874 I/8 Info
108 St. John-St. Luke Evangelical United Church of Christ Detroit, Michigan, USA Votteler / Wigton 1874 II/21 Info
109 St. Casimir's Catholic Church New Haven, Connecticut, USA E and GG Hook / Hamar 1874 II/26 Info
110 St. Joseph's Catholic Church Willimantic, Connecticut, USA Steer and Turner / Aitken 1874 II/21 Info
111 Heritage Center of Lake Linden (First Congregational Church) Lake Linden, Michigan, USA Garrett 1874 II/11 Info
112 Church of Saint Roch Aulnaies, Québec, Canada Déry / Guilbault-Thérien 1874 I/11 Info
113 Christ College Brecon, England Vowles / JW Walker 1873 II/14 Info
114 Cathedral of Angers Angers, France Cavaille-Coll / Beuchet-Debierre 1873 III/92 Info
115 Church of St. Michael the Archangel Mapello, Italy Locatelli / Picinelli 1873 II/38 Info
116 St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church Detroit, Michigan, USA Odell / Worden 1873 I/36 Info
117 St. Michael's Church Tenbury Wells, England Willis 1873 IV/66 Info
118 Congregational Church Thompson, Connecticut, USA Johnson / Andover 1873 II/24 Info
119 Arundel Cathedral Arundel, England Hill / Wells 1873 III/47 Info
120 St. Margaret Ranis, Germany Schulze 1872 II/19
121 Paisley Abbey Paisley, Scotland Cavaillé-Coll / Harrison and Harrison 1872 IV/98 Info
122 St. Mary Magdeline Castle Ashby, England NIcholson 1872 II/21 Info
123 St. Mary's Church New Haven, Connecticut, USA E and GG Hook 1871 III/55 Info
124 Ste. Trinite Paris, France Cavaille-Coll / Glandaz 1871 III/82 Info
125 Royal Albert Hall London, England Willis / Mander 1871 IV/78 Info
126 St. Augstine Kilburn, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1871 IV/40 Info
127 Notre-Dame de Laeken Brussels, Belgium Schyven / Van Bever 1871 III/67 Info
128 Église Saint-Michel Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada Mitchell 1871 II/20 Info
129 Örgryte New Church Göteborg, Sweden Willis / Tostareds 1871 III/31 Info
130 St. Paul Episcopal Church La Porte, Indiana, USA Steere and Turner / Wahl 1871 II/24 Info
131 Cathedral of St. Mary and St. John Schwerin, Germany Ladegast / Schuke 1871 IV/107 Info
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