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1 Basilica of Chorherrenstift Klosterneuburg, Austria Freundt 1636 III/56 Info
2 Klosterneuburg Abbey Klosterneuburg, Austria Freundt / Kuhn 1636 III/59 Info
3 Monastery of St. Florian St. Florian, Austria Krismann / Kogler 1774 IV/118 Info
4 Parish Church of the Holy Sepulcher Maria Kirchbüchl Höflein an der Hohen Wand, Austria Hencke 1750 II/20 Info
5 Pfarrkirche St. Nikolaus Lockenhaus, Austria Rieger 2003 II/35 Info
6 Pramonstraten Abbey Schlägl, Austria Egedacher 1634 II/37 Info
7 Shrine of Our Lady Absam, Austria Unknown 1745 II/32
8 St. Augustin Perchtoldsdorf, Austria Pirchner 1985 III/55 Info
9 Stiftskirche Kremünster, Austria Kögler 2001 III/77 Info
10 Stiftskirche Ossiach, Austria Metzler 1971 II/18 Info
11 Ursuline Convent (Sankt Ursula Klosterkirche) Vienna, Austria Hradetzky 1968 II/28 Info
12 Votivkirche Vienna, Austria Walcker / Klais 1878 III/76 Info
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