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1 Århus Cathedral Århus, Denmark Frobenius 1929 IV/84 Info
2 Christ Church Tonder, Denmark Frobenius 1946 III/37
3 Church of Sorø Cloister Sorø, Denmark Marcussen and Son 1942 III/48 Info
4 Copenhagen Cathedral Copenhagen, Denmark Marcussen and Son 1995 V/126 Info
5 David's Church Copenhagen, Denmark Marcussen and Son 1980 II/31 Info
6 Helligåndskirken Århus, Denmark Christensen 1984 II/25 Info
7 Helligåndskirken Copenhagen, Denmark Olsen / Marcussen and Son 1879 IV/98 Info
8 Holmens Church Copenhagen, Denmark Kastens / Marcussen and Son 1738 III/50 Info
9 Jaegersborg Church Copenhagen, Denmark Marcussen and Son 1944 III/25 Info
10 Jesuskirken Copenhagen, Denmark Cavaille-Coll / Thomas and Jensen 1890 II/20 Info
11 Jørlunde church Jørlunde, Denmark Frobenius 2009 II/25 Info
12 Maribo Cathedral Maribo, Denmark Knud / Starup 1865 III/50 Info
13 Our Savior's Church Copenhagen, Denmark Botzen / Andersen 1698 IV/74 Info
14 Parish Church Hellerup, Denmark Lund 2015 III/48 Info
15 Roskilde Cathedral Roskilde, Denmark Raphaëlis / Marcussen and Son 1555 III/44 Info
16 Sankt Markus Kirke Aarhus, Denmark Andersen 1967 III/41 Info
17 Sankt Nicolai Kirke Kolding, Denmark Marcussen and Son 1977 IV/57 Info
18 Skelgård church Copenhagen, Denmark Frobenius 1992 II/22
19 St. Jacobi Kirke Varde, Denmark Marcussen and Son 1952 III/44 Info
20 St. Morten's Church Randers, Denmark PG Andersen 1994 III/65 Info
21 St. Paul's Church Århus, Denmark Marcussen and Son 1960 III/55 Info
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