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1 Abbey Centre Baptist Church Northampton, England Tickell 1991 I/5 Info
2 Adlington Hall Cheshire, England Bernard Smith ca. 1670 II/14 Info
3 Albert Hall Bolton, England JW Walker 1986 IV/61 Info
4 All Hallows Church Twickenham, England Harris (Renatus) / Kingsgate Davidson 1703 III/31 Info
5 All Hallows Church (Chamber Organ) Twickenham, England Unknown ca. 1850 I/4
6 All Hallows-by-the-tower London, England Harrison 1909 III/38 Info
7 All Saint's Church Cheltenham, England Hill / Nicholson 1887 IV/53 Info
8 All Saint's Church Twickenham, England Lewis/Hill / Dyer ca. 1800 III/29 Info
9 All Saints Church Kingston upon Thames, England Frobenius 1988 III/52 Info
10 All Saints' Church Monkland, England JW Walker / Nicholson 1866 II/17 Info
11 All Saints' Church Northampton, England JW Walker 1983 III/38 Info
12 Arundel Cathedral Arundel, England Hill / Wells 1873 III/47 Info
13 Bath Abbey Bath, England Klais 1997 IV/67 Info
14 Bettws Church Penpont, England Flight and Robinson / Vowles and Son 1804 II/12 Info
15 Big School, Ellesmere College Ellesmere, England Schulze / Hill, Norman and Beard 1862 III/35 Info
16 Birmingham Town Hall Birmingham, England Hill / Mander 1837 V/112 Info
17 Blackburn Cathedral Blackburn, England Walker 1969 IV/59 Info
18 Blenheim Palace Woodstock, England Willis 1892 IV/56 Info
19 Brecon Cathedral Brecon, England Holland / Percy Daniel and Co 1877 III/44 Info
20 Brecon Cathedral (Chamber organ) Brecon, England Bevington / Percy Daniel and Co 1974 I/7 Info
21 Bristol Cathedral Bristol, England Walker / Mander 1907 IV/66 Info
22 Canterbury Cathedral Canterbury, England Willis / Mander 1886 III/78 Info
23 Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary Rochester, England JW Walker / Mander 1905 IV/71 Info
24 Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul and St Andrew Peterborough, England Hill 1894 IV/96 Info
25 Cathedral of St. Alban St. Alban, England Harrison and Harrison / Durham 1962 IV/78 Info
26 Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Wilfrid Ripon, England TC Lewis / Harrison and Harrison 1878 IV/70 Info
27 Cathedral of St. Philip Birmingham, England Nicholson 1929 IV/72 Info
28 Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Chad Lichfield, England Holdich / Hill, Norman and Beard 1861 IV/96 Info
29 Chester Cathedral Chester, England Hill and Son / Rushworth and Dreaper 1910 IV/79 Info
30 Chichester Cathedral Chichester, England Hill / Mander 1985 IV/61 Info
31 Christ Chapel of God's Gift Dulwich, England George England / Mander 1760 III/27 Info
32 Christ Church Northampton, England Aeolian / JW Walker 1929 III/65 Info
33 Christ Church Claughton, England Willis / Rushworth and Dreaper 1867 III/42 Info
34 Christ College Brecon, England Vowles / JW Walker 1873 II/14 Info
35 Church of St. Alban the Martyr Holborn, England Willis / Rushworth and Dreaper 1895 III/59 Info
36 Church of St. Andrew, Hexham Abbey Hexham, England Phelps 1974 II/48 Info
37 Church of St. Giles and St. Peter Sidbury, England Vincent / Farley 1900 III/28 Info
38 Church of St. Mary and St. Nicholas Leatherhead, England Parker / Goetz and Gwynne 1766 II/20 Info
39 Church of St. Michael and All Angels Great Torrington, England Willis 1864 III/42 Info
40 Church of St. Peter Budleigh Salterton, England HIll / Farley 1885 III/48 Info
41 Church of the Immaculate Conception London, England Willis / Bishop 1926 III/45 Info
42 College of St. Mary Chapel Twickenham, England Kingsgate Davidson 1964 III/41 Info
43 Congregational Church Newcastle-under-Lyme, England Rushworth and Dreaper 1938 III/33 Info
44 Coventry Cathedral Coventry, England Harrison and Harrison 1962 IV/95 Info
45 Cranleigh School Cranleigh, England Mander 2010 III/39 Info
46 Damon Wells Chapel, Pembroke College, Oxford University Oxford, England Letourneau 1995 II/25 Info
47 Downside Abbey Downside, England Compton 1931 IV/142 Info
48 Durham Cathedral Durham, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1970 IV/98 Info
49 Durham Cathedral - The Wetheringsett Organ Durham, England Goetz and Gwynne 2001 I/7 Info
50 Durham Cathedral - The Wingfield Organ Durham, England Goetz and Gwynne 2000 I/5 Info
51 Elgar Concert Hall, University of Birmingham Birmingham, England Garnier 2014 III/40 Info
52 Ely Cathedral Ely, England Harrison and Harrison 2001 IV/95 Info
53 Eton College Chapel Windsor, England Hill / Mander 1885 IV/63 Info
54 Exeter Cathedral Exeter, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1891 IV/72 Info
55 Finchcocks Museum of Music Kent, England Byfield 1766 I/6 Info
56 Giggleswick School Chapel Giggleswick, England Henry Willis and Son / GOArt 1901 III/40 Info
57 Gloucester Cathedral Gloucester, England Hill, Norman and Beard / Nicholson 1971 IV/82 Info
58 Gloucester Cathedral Gloucester, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1898 IV/49 Info
59 Grosvenor Chapel London, England Drake 1991 II/34 Info
60 Halifax Minster Halifax, England Harrison and Harrison 1928 IV/51 Info
61 Hereford Cathedral Hereford, England Willis / Harrison and harrison 1892 IV/76 Info
62 Hillington Parish Church Hillington, England Snetzler 1756 II/13 Info
63 Holy Apostles Church Cheltenham, England Nicholson 1972 III/33 Info
64 Holy Trinity Church Twickenham, England Henry Willis and Sons 1883 III/27 Info
65 Holy Trinity Church Folkestone, England Bishop / JW Walker 1888 III/44 Info
66 Holy Trinity Church Kingston upon Hull, England Forster and Andrews / Compton 1937 IV/104 Info
67 Huddersfield Town Hall Huddersfield, England Willis 1860 IV/78 Info
68 Hull City Hall Hull, England Forster and Andrews / Rushworth and Dreaper 1911 IV/126 Info
69 Italian Positiv Organ in 17th century style , England Goetze and Gwynn 1996 I/6 Info
70 John Wesley's Chapel Bristol, England Snetzler / Taylor 1761 I/11 Info
71 Keble College Chapel, Oxford University Oxford, England Tickell 2011 IV/56 Info
72 Keele University Chapel Newcastle-under-Lyme, England Rushworth and Dreaper 1965 II/27 Info
73 Latimer Memorial Congregational Church Beverley, England Forster and Andrews 1859 II/22 Info
74 Leeds Cathedral Leeds, England Norman and Beard / Klais 1904 IV/55 Info
75 Leeds Town Hall Leeds, England Abbot and Smith / Wordsworth 1905 III/100 Info
76 Lincoln Cathedral Lincoln, England Willis / Harris 1898 IV/68 Info
77 Little St. Mary's Cambridge, England Tickell 2007 II/31 Info
78 Liverpool Cathedral Liverpool, England Willis 1923 V/181 Info
79 Liverpool Catholic Cathedral Liverpool, England Walker 1967 IV/88 Info
80 Lower Chapel, Eton College Windsor, England Lewis / Hunter 1891 III/49 Info
81 Magdalen College Chapel, Oxford University Oxford, England Mander 1984 II/29 Info
82 Manchester Cathedral Manchester, England Harrison and Harrison 1934 IV/73 Info
83 Marlborough College, Chapel of St. Michael and All Angels Marlborough, England Beckerath 2007 IV/61 Info
84 Merton College Chapel, Oxford University Oxford, England Dobson 2013 III/52 Info
85 Minster Church of St. John and St. Martin Beverley, England Snetzler / Hill 1884 IV/81 Info
86 New College Chapel, Oxford University Oxford, England Grant, Degens and Bradbeer 1969 III/64 Info
87 Northampton Roman Catholic Cathedral Northampton, England Bruggencate 1976 II/14 Info
88 Norwich Cathedral Norwich, England Hill / Norman and Beard 1991 IV/104 Info
89 Notre Dame de France London, England Walker / Shepherd and Son 1955 III/47 Info
90 Pennington Residence Lytham St Annes, England Makin 2003 III/?
91 Priory Church of St. Mary Bridlington, England Anneessens / Nicholsons 1889 IV/90 Info
92 Priory Church of St. Peter and St. Paul Leominster, England Nicholson 1924 III/38 Info
93 Queen's College, Oxford University Oxford, England Frobenius 1965 II/30 Info
94 Queen's Hall London, England Hill and Son 1893 IV/57
95 Romsey Abbey Romsey, England Walker 1858 III/57 Info
96 Royal Albert Hall London, England Willis / Mander 1871 IV/177 Info
97 Royal Festival Hall London, England Harrison and Harrison 1950 IV/124 Info
98 Royal Hospital School Chapel Holbrook, England Hill, Norman and Beard 1933 IV/59 Info
99 Sacred Heart Church Wimbeldon, England JW Walker / Mander 1912 III/51 Info
100 Saint Anthony of Pauda Mossley Hill, England Robson / Jardine II/15 Info
101 Salisbury Cathedral Salisbury, England Willis 1877 IV/68 Info
102 School Hall, Eton College Eton, England Mitterreither / Flentrop 1773 II/26 Info
103 Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford University Oxford, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1927 III/38 Info
104 Snetzler Chamber Organ, Eton College Windsor, England Snetzler / Harrison and Harrison 1760 I/7 Info
105 Southwell Minster (Nave Organ) Southwell, England Binns / Wood 1992 II/46 Info
106 Southwell Minster (Screen Organ) Southwell, England Nicholson and Co 1994 IV/66 Info
107 St John the Evangelist - Upper Norwood London, England Mander / Harrison and Harrison 1947 III/36 Info
108 St. Andrew's Church Old, England Holdich 1853 I/10 Info
109 St. Augstine Kilburn, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1871 IV/40 Info
110 St. Augustine's Chapel, Tonbridge School Tonbridge, England Marcussen and Son 1995 IV/89 Info
111 St. Bartholomew Armley, England Schulze / Harrison and Harrison 1869 IV/69 Info
112 St. Bartholomew (Hauptwerk model) Armley, England Schulze / Harrison and Harrison 1869 IV/69 Info
113 St. Cuthbert's Clungunford, England Binns / Andrews and Co 1895 II/22 Info
114 St. Francis de Sales Walton, England Hill, Norman and Beard 1927 III/26 Info
115 St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle Windsor, England Harrison and Harrison 1965 IV/82 Info
116 St. George's Church Newcastle-under-Lyme, England Wadsworth 1879 III/48 Info
117 St. George's Minster Doncaster, England Schulze 1862 V/116 Info
118 St. Giles Church, Southampton Street Reading, England Walker / Harrison and Harrison 1888 III/37 Info
119 St. Giles' Church Newcastle-under-Lyme, England Steele and Keay / Henry WIllis and Sons 1877 III/48 Info
120 St. Gregory's Priory Cheltenham, England SF Blank 1986 II/27 Info
121 St. Helen Bishopgate London, England Griffin / Goetz and Gwynne 1743 III/39 Info
122 St. James Catholic Church Reading, England Tamburini 1977 II/13
123 St. James Chapel Great Packington, England Parker 1747 II/10
124 St. James Church Bermondsey, England JC Bishop and Son / Gotze and Gwynn 1829 III/34 Info
125 St. John of Beverley Roman Catholic Church Beverley, England Tickell I/7 Info
126 St. John the Baptist Tuebrook, England Hill 1867 III/41 Info
127 St. Laurence's Church Ludlow, England Snetzler / JW Walker 1764 IV/52 Info
128 St. Leonard's Church Hythe, England Harrison and Harrison / Browne 1935 III/43 Info
129 St. Luke the Evangelist Walton-on-the-Hill, England Rushworth and Dreaper 1921 II/17 Info
130 St. Luke's Church Cheltenham, England Brindley and Foster 1884 III/28 Info
131 St. Margaret Lothbury London, England Pike 1801 III/20 Info
132 St. Margaret's Church Kings Lynn, England Snetzler / Rushworth and Dreaper 1754 III/44 Info
133 St. Mark's Church London, England Norman and Beard 1915 III/32 Info
134 St. Martin's Church Worchester, England Nicholson / Tipple 1928 III/38 Info
135 St. Mary and St. Eanswythe Folkestone, England Hill and Son / Norman and Beard 1894 III/38 Info
136 St. Mary Magdeline Castle Ashby, England NIcholson 1872 II/21 Info
137 St. Mary Redcliffe Church Bristol, England Harrison and Harrison 1911 IV/71 Info
138 St. Mary the Virgin Finedon, England Father Smith / Holmes and Swift 1702 III/24 Info
139 St. Mary the Virgin Wellingborough, England Hill / Tickell 1914 II/22 Info
140 St. Mary the Virgin Higham Ferrers, England Hill, Norman and Beard / Hall 1929 III/32 Info
141 St. Mary the Virgin Church Ottery St. Mary, England Flight and Robinson / Farley 1901 III/35 Info
142 St. Mary's Church Brecon, England Vowles 1877 II/21 Info
143 St. Mary's Church West Walton, England Holdich 1893 I/8 Info
144 St. Mary's Church Twickenham, England Harrison and Harrison 1996 II/26 Info
145 St. Mary's Church Little Houghton, England Hill / Latham 1946 II/13 Info
146 St. Mary's Church (Chamber Organ) Brecon, England Russell 1824 I/5 Info
147 St. Mary's Collegiate Church Warwick, England Nicohlson IV/84 Info
148 St. Mary's Episcopal Chapel, Castle Street Reading, England Vowles / Taylor 1870 II/17 Info
149 St. Mary's Minster Reading, England Henry Willis and Sons 1936 IV/52 Info
150 St. Mary's Parish Church Beverley, England TC Lewis 1907 IV/79 Info
151 St. Mary's Rotherhithe London, England Byfield / Mander 1765 III/30 Info
152 St. Matthew's Church Cheltenham, England Willis / Nicholson 1879 III/39 Info
153 St. Michael and All Angels Ledbury, England Daniels 2000 III/37 Info
154 St. Michael and All Angels Awliscombe, England HP Dicker 1860 I/9 Info
155 St. Michael at the North Gate Oxford, England Willis / Willis 1954 III/25 Info
156 St. Michael's Church Hythe, England Bishop / Browne ca. 1840 I/5
157 St. Michael's Church Tenbury Wells, England Willis 1873 IV/66 Info
158 St. Nicholas Sidmouth, England Hele / Farley 1881 III/47 Info
159 St. Nicholas Parish Church Beverley, England FOrster and Andrews 1899 II/20 Info
160 St. Oswald's Chapel, Ellesmere College Ellesmere, England Hill, Norman and Beard / Rushworth and Dreaper 1969 III/49 Info
161 St. Paul's Cathedral London, England Willis / Mander 1977 V/132 Info
162 St. Paul's Church Newcastle-under-Lyme, England Hill and Son / Sixsmith and Son 1995 IV/79 Info
163 St. Paul's Church Honiton, England Tickell 1999 II/36 Info
164 St. Peter and St. Paul Walpole, England Boggis 1997 II/14 Info
165 St. Peter and St. Paul Wisbech, England Harrison and Harrison / Bower and Co 1951 III/50 Info
166 St. Peter and St. Paul Saltwood, England Walker / Willis ca. 1870 III/22 Info
167 St. Peter's Church London, England Jones 1993 IV/65 Info
168 St. Peter's Church Raunds, England Conacher / Nicholson and Co 1893 III/39 Info
169 St. Philip and St. James' Church Cheltenham, England Hunter / Walker 1895 III/31 Info
170 St. Saviour's Church Folkestone, England JW Walker / Renshaw 1903 II/14 Info
171 St.John the Baptist Armitage, England Green / Bird 1789 III/29 Info
172 Staunton Harold Church Ashby de la Zouch, England Bernard Smith 1686 I/?
173 Tewkesbury Abbey (Grove Organ) Gloucestershire, England Michel and Thynne 1885 IV/40 Info
174 Tewkesbury Abbey (Milton Organ) Gloucestershire, England Jones 1997 IV/83 Info
175 The Cathedral Church of St. John the Evangelist Salford, England Makin 2002 IV/? Info
176 The Cathedral Church of St. Mary the Virgin and St. Ethelbert the King Hereford, England Willis 1892 IV/67 Info
177 The Old School Orleton, England Forster and Andrews 1850 II/13
178 The Old School Orleton, England Procter and Davis 1997 II/7 Info
179 The Temple Church London, England Harrison and Harrison 1954 IV/70 Info
180 The Town Hall Reading, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1882 IV/41 Info
181 Thorney Abbey Thorney, England Flight / Hill and Son 1790 II/19 Info
182 Toll Gavel Methodist and United Reformed Church Beverley, England Binns / Wood 1890 II/26 Info
183 Trinity College Chapel Cambridge, England Metzler 1975 III/61 Info
184 Truro Cathedral Truro, England Willis 1887 IV/45 Info
185 United Reformed Church Wellingborough, England Hill and Son / Canter 1875 IV/40 Info
186 University of Cambridge, Christ's College Chapel Cambridge, England Norman and Beard / Bishop and Son 1912 II/30 Info
187 University of Cambridge, Clare College Cambridge, England Beckerath 1971 II/35 Info
188 University of Cambridge, Emmanuel College Chapel Cambridge, England Kenneth Jones 1988 III/46 Info
189 University of Cambridge, Jesus College Chapel Cambridge, England Bishop and Sons / Mander 1849 II/13 Info
190 University of Cambridge, King's College Chapel Cambridge, England Harrison and Harrison 1934 IV/75 Info
191 University of Cambridge, Pembroke College Chapel Cambridge, England Mander 1980 II/32 Info
192 University of Cambridge, Selwyn College Chapel Cambridge, England Letourneau 2004 III/38 Info
193 University of Cambridge, St. John's College Cambridge, England Mander 1994 IV/81 Info
194 University of Reading, Great Hall Reading, England Binns 1911 III/22 Info
195 Wakefield Cathedral Wakefield, England Abbot and Smith / Wood 1905 IV/89 Info
196 Walsall Town Hall Walsall, England Nicholson and Lord / Mander 1908 V/63 Info
197 Wells Cathedral Wells, England Harrison and Harrison 1910 IV/67 Info
198 Westminster Abbey London, England Harrison and Harrison 1937 IV/84 Info
199 Westminster Cathedral London, England Willis 1932 IV/75 Info
200 Winchester Cathedral Winchester, England Willis / Harrison and Harrison 1851 IV/108 Info
201 Wolstanton High School Newcastle-under-Lyme, England Stringer / Ward and Shutt ca. 1880 III/20
202 Worcester Cathedral Worcester, England Hope-Jones / Harrison and Harrison 1896 IV/68 Info
203 Worchester Cathedral (Quire Organ) Worcester, England Tickell 2008 IV/66 Info
204 Worksop Priory Worksop, England Collins 1974 II/36 Info
205 York Minster York, England JW Walker 1960 IV/103 Info
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