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1 Church of Saint Mary of the Assumption Vabalninkas, Lithuania Radavicius 1890 III/38
2 Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Pumpenai, Lithuania Masalskis 1892 II/20
3 Dominican Church of the Holy Spirit Vilnius, Lithuania Casparini 1774 II/38
4 Dotnuva Church Dotnuva, Lithuania Miknievicz / Vilnius 1827 I/15 Info
5 Evangelic Lutheran Church Kretinga, Lithuania Preuss 1785 II/16
6 Franciscan Church Kretinga, Lithuania Anonymous / Vilnius ~1680 I/8 Info
7 St. James the Apostle Church Sveksna, Lithuania Goebel / Sauklys 1905 II/30
8 St. John's Church Vilnius, Lithuania Vilnius 2000 III/78
9 St. John's Church Oginski Chapel Vilnius, Lithuania Vilnius 1979 I/10
10 Tytuvenai Monastery Church Tytuvenai, Lithuania Jantzon 1789 II/29 Info
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