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1 Andreaskerk - Choir Organ Hattem, Netherlands Slegel III / Flentrop 1677 I/13 Info
2 Baptist Church Haarlem, Netherlands Ahrend 1970 III/24 Info
3 Cathedral of St. Bavo Haarlem, Netherlands Adema / Schreurs 1923 IV/106 Info
4 Church of Our Lady Breda, Netherlands Flentrop 1966 IV/78 Info
5 Church of the Holy Sacrament Breda, Netherlands Flentrop 1958 III/34 Info
6 De Bovenkerk Kampen, Netherlands Slegel 1676 IV/72 Info
7 De Doelen Concert Hall Rotterdam, Netherlands Flentrop 1967 IV/95 Info
8 Domincan Church of St. Thomas Aquinas Zwolle, Netherlands Adema / Schreurs 1912 III/50 Info
9 Dutch Reformed Church Uithuizen, Netherlands Schnitger / Edskes 1700 II/39 Info
10 Great Church of St. Michael Zwolle, Netherlands Schnitger / Flentrop 1721 IV/94 Info
11 Grote Kirk Haarlem, Netherlands Muller / Marcussen and Son 1738 III/64 Info
12 GroteKerk Maassluis, Netherlands Garrels / Van Leeuwen 1732 III/71 Info
13 Hooglandse Kerk Leiden, Leiden, Netherlands Swart / Ahrend 1565 II/33 Info
14 Jacobijnerkerk Leeuwarden, Netherlands Muller 1727 III/69 Info
15 Jerusalem Church Amsterdam, Netherlands Furtwängler and Hammer 1930 I/42 Info
16 Laurenskerk Rotterdam, Netherlands Marcussen and Son 1973 IV/150 Info
17 Laurenskerk (great organ) Alkmaar, Netherlands Schnitger (Franz) / Flentrop 1725 III/85 Info
18 Laurenskerk (Hauptwerk model) Rotterdam, Netherlands Marcussen and Son 1973 IV/150 Info
19 Laurenskerk (small organ) Alkmaar, Netherlands Van Covelens / Flentrop 1511 II/23 Info
20 Magnuskerk Bellingwolde, Netherlands Schnitger-Freytag 1797 II/24 Info
21 Martinikerk Groningen, Netherlands Schnitger / Ahrend 1740 III/79 Info
22 Nieuwe Kerk Haarlem, Netherlands Hagerbeer / Vulpen 1658 II/29 Info
23 Opus 25 Ede, Gelderland, Netherlands Johannus II/36 Info
24 Reformed Church Oosthuizen, Netherlands 1521 I/10 Info
25 Rembrandt 495 Ede, Gerlderland, Netherlands Johannus IV/69 Info
26 Sloterkerk Sloten, Netherlands Knipscheer / Flentrop 1851 I/15 Info
27 St. Augustine Church Amsterdam, Netherlands Cavaillé-Coll 1881 II/25 Info
28 St. Jacob's Church The Hague, Netherlands Metzler 1971 III/50 Info
29 St. Jacob's Church Zeerijp, Netherlands Faber / SF Blank 1645 II/26 Info
30 St. Jan's Church Gouda, Netherlands Moreau 1736 III/79 Info
31 St. Janskerk Schiedam, Netherlands Flentrop 1975 III/56 Info
32 St. Martin's Cathedral (Hauptwerk Model) Utrecht, Netherlands Bätz / Van Vulpen 1831 III/77 Info
33 St. Martin's Church Doesburg, Netherlands Walker / Flentrop 1916 IV/89 Info
34 St. Martin's Church Cuijk, Netherlands Severijn / Verschueren 1650 III/45 Info
35 St. Nicholas Church Utrecht, Netherlands Marcussen 1956 III/50 Info
36 Studio II Ede, Gelderland, Netherlands Johannus II/26 Info
37 Sweelinck 25 Ede, Gelderland, Netherlands Johannus II/47 Info
38 Waalse Kerk Amsterdam, Netherlands Muller / Eeken 1733 II/36 Info
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